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Maxtor drive shows two retrospect files, 1101 Errors


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Just installed Retrospect 6.0 and after a couple of false starts I was able to successfully backup my "C" Drive. When I go into the log I see a lot of 1101 errors (3800 or so).

I see that the program recommends scanning the disk for errors - any suggestions? I'm running Windows XP.


Second question - I had a couple of false starts and when I finally got a good backup it's shown as Backup Set "D" on the Maxtor drive. I'm assuming the first three tries A,B, & C, went away when I asked the program to forget them.


When I look at the external drive (Maxtor) it shows two files Retrospect & Retrospect Backup . Both are about 19.5 GB, while the file I was backing up ("C" Drive) is about 24.5 GB.


I'm a bit confused - why are there two Retrospect files totaling 40GB? The Retrospect file contains Backup Set D of 36 files and no folders. The Retrospect Backup file contains a file called "backup of Drive C" with 7,100 folders and 130,000 files. Is this normal?


Sorry for the long post...Thanks in advance for any help.



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