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Mac catalogues/tape sets on Windows Retrospect?


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Hi all,


(New user here- sorry if this has been asked before, but a search of these forums, and a flick through the instruction manual, didn't find me a definitive answer.)


Can Mac Retrospect catalogues and tape sets be read on a Windows version of Retrospect?


The company I work for has two backup systems based on Retrospect:

(1) Mac G3, OS 9.2.2, DDS-2 tape drive - Retrospect version is 4.3 (I think)

(2) Windows NT4.0 Server, DDS-3 tape drive - Retrospect Single Server, version 6.0 or 6.5 (I think). Backup source (and retrieval destination) is a local Mac volume.


Would be great if I could search/restore from the older DDS-1/DDS-2 backup sets on the Windows machine. I don't need the ability to continue writing to these sets- would just like to be able to include them in multi-set searches for specific files/folders (along with searches of the newer DDS-3 sets), and ideally use the Windows machine's tape drive to retrieve from them.


Failing that... can newer OSX versions of Retrospect read backup sets from this older OS9 version? (And/or from the PC?)


Thanks in advance,



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