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Multiple Backup Errors

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I am running Retrospect 6.5 Multiserver on a Windows 2000 Advanced Server Domain Controller. I was able to backup for a couple of days and all was well. Three days ago the log says that there were over 28,000 non-fatal errors on drive C. When I review the log I get the following: can't read security information, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error) MapError: unknown Windows error 999.


I have reviewed the following documents on Dantz Knowledge Base:

6059: There are not disk errors/problems

5194: I have over 200 MB of free space


Any assistance in how to solve this would be greatly appreciated.

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How are you sure there are not disk errors? Any detail you can provide would be appreciated.


How much free space is available on the drive?


Do all of your subsequent backups have this error? What type of disk is the C drive and how is it attached to the machine?




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