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Recycle backup takes a LONG time


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• Retrospect Pro 6.5.350 with latest RDU downlaoded today.

• Win XP Pro SP1. 450 MHz PIII.

• Performing a "recycle" backup of my C: and D: hard drives to a single Backup Set on a Maxtor 40 GB 5000LE (USB external hard drive).

• Total size to back up = 29 GB.

• Compress and verify are ON.

After 7 hours!!! drive C: was complete and Drive D: was about 20% complete. I had to abort the backup because I needed to use my computer. I don't remember the initial first-time backup taking this long?!?

1) Is this normal for a "recycle"?

2) Can I somehow speed up the process?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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