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Rookie with Q about creating startup disk

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Hi, New kid here. I probably have done something wrong but can't seem to find the solution through serching. After a cull backup of my c drive, I tried to make a disaster recovery cd. I get an error message that there is not enough space on the disk. 1.04g was the size of the file it was trying to write. Now I can't remember if I downloaded a program after the initial backup. Q1 - Why is this file too big for the disk?

Q2 - Is the backup of c supose to be saved on my hard drive or on another device i.e. ext hard drive?

Q3 - Dell won't let me integrate sp2. Is this an issue and is there a way around it?


I know that was more than the subject but I figure anyone knows more about this than I do so you may be able to answer these too. Dell sp2, xp pro, 42g used 64g free, WD External HD 155g free, cd-r disks.

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The unfortunate thing is you are stuck if you can't update your Windows XP to SP2. Even if you were able to create the Disaster recovery image the restore wouldn't work properly.


The Dell came with setup disks right?

Here is what I would do in case of a full system restore:

-Run the Dell setup disks

-Install Service pack 2

-Install Retrospect and run the restore.


In the end it may not take much longer than the disaster recovery CD would have...




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