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Backup Performance Degrading Over Time


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Lately, my backups to tape have been taking more and more time. The amount of info to backup has increased about 20%, but the time it takes to backup has grown from 4 hours to more than 12 hours. I was starting the backup jobs at 10 pm, then I change starting time to 9 pm, and it's still working at 10 or 11 am.


Scripts have not changed, only the change of starting time, but the performance was already down. Scripts use two set of tapes, alternating each daily, doing normal backups for two weeks and Recycle every two Sundays.


Normal and Recycle backups have the same performance.


At night, there's no activity on the servers.


Performance, as measured by Retrospect, was down from an average of 900 Mb/s to about 50 Mb/s.


There are no changes on the network infrastructure.


All servers being backed up show slow performance.


Retrospect is 6.5.350, clients are 6.5.136, Tape is HP SDLT-360 with its own SCSI adapter, Backup server is HP Proliant 380G2 with 4 2.7 Ghz Xeon CPUs and 8 Gb RAM, OS is Win2K Advanced Server, PAE enabled.


Back up server CPU utilization averages 20%, memory usage is 3.2 Gb from a total of 8 Gb.


Tape unit was cleaned and recertified using HP Storage Works Library and Tape Utility v3.5


Could it be Catalog Files related?


Is there a way to diagnose this issue?


Grretings from Diego Zenizo

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Large numbers of small files will slow the backup to molasses. Have you added many small files to the server since you started backing it up? As a test try a backup of a single file of 1GB or so. That will allow you to see the maximum throughput of your environment. It should be useful for troubleshooting.




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