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Dantz upgrade to Retrospect Express 6


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I received today by email this message:



Your Maxtor external hard drive is powered by EMC Dantz Retrospect backup and recovery software. For a limited time, receive significant savings when you upgrade your Retrospect software. As an added bonus, download our free whitepaper to learn how to customize backups with your Maxtor OneTouch button.





Windows upgrades allow you to:


• Protect additional desktops and notebooks in your home and home office computer network. Retrospect automatically adjusts backups to protect all your computers without manual efforts.

• Back up a server-class computer with a cost-effective, easy-to-manage alternative to tape drives and autoloaders.




You are also given a link to a pdf document allowing you to customize your Maxtor OneTouch. Presently the push-button feature on the Maxtor does a Duplicate. You can now set it up to do a Backup instead. This for those with Retrospect Express 6 as well as for those with Retrospect 6.5.




Personnally I don't see the advantage of using the push-button feature. This is especially true if you want to backup two different computers to the same partition of your Maxtor OneTouch. A push of the button on the Maxor doesn't tell Retrospect which computer is being backed up! The only advantage of upgrading I can see is that you get a Wizard to help you do things that you can do better by just running Retrospect Express 6. Any opinions?

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You are obviously an experienced Retrospect user. In that case setting it up yourself works just fine.


Inexperienced users tend to find the entire subject of backup/restore _very_ confusing. They get especially nervous when they can't actually see thier files on the external disk. Thats why the button duplicates instead of doing backups.




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