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Retrospect 6.5 Pro confused by PartitionMagic


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Whenever I resize a partition using PartitionMagic, Retrospect thinks that new disks have been installed in the system.

- Scripts no longer work. They have to be edited to point to the same (but resized) partitions;

- Disaster Recovery discs no longer work smoothly. They show *multiple* version of each volume and force you to choose which to use as sources and destinations (although there is no easy way to distinguish which one is the current one).

- "Normal" restores suffer from similar usability problems (multiple volumes listed, difficult to distinguish which is which).


But, somehow, when backup scripts run on the re-sized drives, they easily determine that it is indeed a volume it has seen before and only back up the changes.


Why doesn't the same behavior happen for scripts and restore operations (recognizing re-sized source and destination volumes)???




Retrospect Pro v6.5.350

XP Pro, SP2

PartitionMagic 7.0 (build 303)

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