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Automatically launching Retrospect for Proactive backup


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I have no problem with Retrospect starting up automatically to execute 'regular' backup scripts, but it doesn't seem to automatically launch at the time I specified for our proactive backup to start.

Because of this, I always keep Retrospect open in order for our proactive scripts to run without me having to launch it at a certain time everyday. Is the Retrospect Launcher service supposed to start up for proactive backups in addition to regular backup scripts?


If so, how can I get it to work with proactive? I'm on Retrospect 6.5.350 btw..

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Proactive often starts late - up to an hour or two. It is a result of the flexible schedule that it uses to run the backup. Its annoying but normal...


As a workaround try this:

Create a standard script to backup a dummy/empty folder or one machine at the time you want Retrospect to run. Retrospect will launch on time for that script. After that Retrospect will stay open and proactive backups will begin.




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