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Multiple incremental backups to external hard drive?

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I am using Retrospect version 5.1.177 on a IMAC DV 400 running mac os 9.2.2 and I just recently bought (2) Fantom 120 GB external hard drives to backup my entire HD to.


Question: I want to do backups to my (2) external hard drives daily, switching back and forth between the two hard drives daily without having to do complete backups each time - just incremental.


Is there a way to do an incremental backup with a different date each day so that I have the ability to go back a day, week or a month or whatever to the incremental back up to restore?


Thanks in advance for any help that is provided,



Joyus-Apollo Diamond

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Just set up a backup script that includes two backup sets. Save one backup set on each disk. Then alternate between the two doing "normal" backups every day.


Normal= incremental so only new and changed files are copied. Normal backups also keep your old data so you can go back and retrieve it later if needed.




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