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Help with backup strategy


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Hello all-


I obtained retrospect express 6.0 with a onetouch drive. I am just a home user with the usual pictures/music/etc. to backup. I have two PCs on a hardwired network, one in the Office that is used for normal activity as well as a server for the other PC, which is in a kitchen cabinet, used for internet, streaming pix, mp3s, etc. Office stays on all the time, and does all the heavy lifting as far as being the location of all important files, and Kitchen has the Onetouch drive attached to it so I can grab it in case of fire.


Here's what I want to do:


I would like the Kitchen PC to wake up (can't be on all the time because of heat issues in the cabinet) and backup only the individual mp3s/pix from Office to the Onetouch. There is really nothing on its own drive that can't be easily replaced, so I am holding off on a full drive backup for now, because other things are more pressing. i think i have this part under control using Windows XP's built in backup service, seems to be working fine.


The Office PC is another story. I would like it to backup its entire hard drive every night onto another internal drive. I have been using retrospect and thought everything was peachy until i glanced at the internal drive and saw that it had 300 rdb files on it and was almost full. I think the problem is that, try as I might, I cannot comprehend how to use normal, incremental, etc. strategies to accomplish what I want.


My main goal is to do a full backup of the Office drive every night. I really don't add/change files all that often, so nightly might be overkill, but you just never know. How do I get it to keep maybe the last 3-4 rewrites, and delete the rest? Or, is it necessary to keep several versions since they are all on the same drive, an would all go if the drive died (this is why I offload to the onetouch in the kitchen anyway, so maybe one drive backup copy is enough)?


I have probably given way too much info here, but I would also welcome any comments on the overall strategy, which is basically to use retrospect to backup the Office drive, and windows backup to pull the individual files to the onetouch, all on a nightly basis. I do occasionally put everything on DVD, but the automated stuff is so much nicer.




Medion P4 2.8ghx w/ HT

512mb RAM

XP Home

Came with 80gb drive, I added maxtor 160gig, both NTFS now



MSI MegaPC180

AMD Barton (can't remember, but it's close to my other p4)

512mb ram

XP home

30 gig seagate internal

160gig maxtor onetouch usb 2.0



tia, and please feel free to talk to me like a two yr old!

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