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Keychain permissions constantly being altered

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Greetings, all!




I had noticed a problem recently whereby my keychain was constantly being "chown'ed" to root, and therefore I couldn't make changes to it without going in and changing it back to being owned by me. I couldn't figure out what was causing it, until I realized that it was happening every time Retrospect was running my automated backups. My backup script, as you might guess, goes and polls a remote machine (it's actually a Linux machine, so I can't run a client on it, and I have to connect via netatalk), logs in, backs up the appropriate data, and logs out. It seems that, because retrospect is running as "root", it changes the ownership of my keychain to root, rendering it unwritable by me.




Any thoughts/fixes on this?





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I have the same problem with Retrospect changing my permissions. It's highly irritating, since there is no good work-around. The best idea I came up with was making a separate keychain for Retrospect and making it the default. Outside of that, it looks like you'd have to "chown" the keychain before you could use it for any other purpose.




Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this, or if Dantz is aware of the problem?



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Dantz is aware of and actively investigating this issue. When Retrospect is configured to auto-mount a volume, it changes the owner of the Keychain to root.




We do hope to issue a fix in a future release.








Irena Solomon


Dantz Tech Support





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