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Backup stops halfway through with plenty of free space


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Backing up my C: drive, which has 44GB in use. I'm backing it up to my E: drive, which is a 160 GB with 100GB free.


After backing up 22 GB, Retrospect stops and asks me to "select a new disk to add as storage" to the backup set. There is still 88 GB free on the original destination. It tells me "All data will probably fit on one new 22G disk." Of course it won't let me add the E: drive again, as it's already a member of the backup set.


What gives?

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When you add a disk as a member to a "disk" backup set you are given a choice of how much disk space you want to use on that disk. It may be that Retrospect is set only to use a small portion of the first disk. You can check this on the members tab of the backup set properties window. (right click on the backup set in the configure->backup sets window).


Your best bet is to recycle the set on the options->media action tab then delete the first member and add it again on the members tab.




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