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accessing backup files question


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Hi, sorry for this dumb question, but I couldn't find it anywhere in my documentation.


Seems Retrospect creates backup files in a proprietary format. On my backup disk, I have a bunch of locked files with names like "AA000003.rdb" Evidently, Retrospect can understand these files.


However, if the computer with Retrospect installed dies, how do I get my data back out from these files? Seems these backups are useless without Retrospect. So if I take my backup disk offsite, and my office burns down, I cannot just access these files on another computer, I have to use a computer with Retrospect installed, to read the backup files. Is this true? If so, is there any way to tell Retrospect to just backup the files, and leave them in their original format?





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Yes, when doing a "Backup," Retro saves everything in a proprietary format. To recover the files from a backup set (on a HD, on CD/DVDs, etc.), you'd need to have Retrospect installed.


With Retro you also do a "Data Duplicate" which saves the files in the "normal" Windows format. You lose most of the features of a "Backup" (e.g. incremental backup [it's a 1-1, with new data overwriting old], snapshots, compression, etc.).


You can also consider a mix of backup programs, using each for its strengths. In addition to Retrospect (which I use for my important daily unattended backups) I use another program (sorry, can't mention it in this forum) that saves its backup files as ZIP files. So I do get automated (e.g. twice a month) incremental backups with zip-level compression but I can read the data file using *any* zip/unzip program. The program also supports FTP (which Windows Retro doesn't) which is handy for sending data off-site if, like me, you can't remember or find the time to backup to CDRs a few times a month.

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