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Selector black magic


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I am running Retrospect 6.5 Multi Server on a Windows XP machine and backup both Windows and Mac OSX clients. I want to exclude the root_volume:Library: folder of my Mac clients, but backup the other user-specific Library folders. When I specify the exclude selector as

Macintosh HD:Library:

I end up excluding all the top level Libraries on disks named "Macintosh HD". But some of my users are sophisticated and have renamed their disks to something else.


When I specify the selector as


I don't catch anything with this syntax. What syntax must I use to catch only the top-level Library folders?



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I've never had luck with wild cards. Try this:



folder name exactly matches


path does not include Users


It seems backwards but it works pretty well for me. You can hone it down a bit more by adding addition "and does not include xxxx" conditions to the initial rule.


hope that helps.



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