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Can Retrospect Restore Partition Tables?


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are you asking whether one can separately reset partition information, or separately restore only a corrupted mbr?



Not necessarily separately. Here's what I'm getting at... My Retrospect backup set represents a 'full backup' of my C-drive. Let's assume that subsequent to that backup, my system gets infected with a virus/worm that corrupts my master boot record and/or partition table to the point that my C-drive is no longer recognized by Windows!




Given that situation, I want to know if booting my system with a R6,5 Disaster Recovery CD and restoring my C-drive with the (uninfected) backup set would restore the drive's MBR and/or partition table exactly as it was at the time the backup set was created.

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Retrospect does not restore the partition table. However the disaster recovery wizard gives you the opportunity to repartition your drive.


In the case you mentioned you might just want to boot from a DOS disk and type fdisk /MBR. That should overwrite the MBR with new information. Most virus programs can fix that too.




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