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Let me at the data! Backup file name is invalid, cannot recatalog


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I have no idea which backup where along the line these *.rdb's belonged to - but I do know that I had a mess which resulted in some lost files which were backed up at one point, but apparently not present in any of the "working" backup sets. I found some *.rdb's using a file-recovery tool on one of the drives I used to use for backup data, but retrospect doesn't seem to want to let me peek inside them - and my beloved missing data could well be in these rdb's. When I ask it to recatalog, I get the following message: "The Backup Set file name is invalid, cannot recatalog the set using these files."


I've not found any other files anywhere which have the same filename prefix to match - so I'm just stuck with this handful of mostly 600mb files.


Any suggestions as to how I can get Restrospect to let me peek inside them to see if any of my critical lost files might be in whatever backup set they used to belong to???






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It may be that some of these files are damaged while others are not.


Try this:

Create a new folder and drag one of the 600 MB files into it. Then try to run a catalog rebuild of just that single rbf file. If you get an error you know that file is bad. Repeat the process with the other files.


You should be able to restore from the files that are still valid.




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