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Bad backup set header found...

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i believe i was incorrecly posing in the "Panther" forum... and we are running 10.2.8.... so i'm hoping i'll have better luck over here.


i keep getting all of my files backed up over and over and I don't know why. Retrospect could theoretically "back-up," previously backed-up files until my AIT tapes are full... and then the red monster will ask for more.........


In the log... i have waaaaaaay to many copies of the same files, and it's killing me.


Retrospect USED to be fine... but I have had issues with this Script, and am curious as to why.


any ideas would be much appreciated... i took a 'snap-shot picture' of my log to help to explain this issue, but alas, am not able to insert it into this post.








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