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Found 2 results

  1. Here's the thing, I have the Windows 7 OEM Ultimate 64 bit; that came preinstalled with my HPE-570t when I bought it. HP partitioned my HDD of 1.5 GB into 2 parts "C", (where the OS is, and all my installed programs) and "D" where the "System Recovery" is located.So, should I ever have to reinstall Windows 7, I could do it from Drive D.Both parthtions together, (over the course of five years,) only come to 307GB. What I'd like to know is, after I back up the system, would there be a way to put the Windows 7 OS on a 500GB SSD, seeing as how, there's only 307GB's of information on the entire disk. Is that something that Retrospect 7.7 can do? Is there any truth to the information I've heard that, you only only put your most frequently used programs on the SSD? And the rest, can boot from the mechanical HDD. I do have an External Drive "M" with 1.52GB free if that helps you in putting all the pieces together, as to how to get the info from one drive from another. Thanks in advance, Quiet Riot
  2. I use Retrospect Pro 7.7 to backup all workstations on my network. I had to restore 2 Windows 7 systems recently after years of not needing to. New Hard Drives in both. The Retrospect Emergency CD did not work because of network problems so I had to do it the long way and re-install windows from scratch. The machines in question were bought at retail as Windows 7 Home premium and upgraded to Windows 7 professional when I installed them 2 years back. I installed Windows 7 home premium from the CD the machine came with, ran the updates, then installed Retrospect and did the restore. After the restore was complete the machines starting complaining that this copy of windows is not genuine. Activation failed because my Win 7 pro product key was only valid for upgrades not for clean installs. The Dell windows 7 home premium key was not valid with this version of windows. About 4 hours of work later with Microsoft tech support on the phone for the last 1.5 hours of it the support person told me that if I had activated Win 7 home premium before doing the restore it would have worked. I don't know if I can believe him and wanted to know if your guys can confirm this? Should I also have done the upgrade to Win 7 Pro and activated that before the restore as well? Is this in the retrospect manual? It's been years since I read the manual and I only recall that I needed to get Windows running again at the same SP level before restoring. My knowledge predates the anytime upgrade products. I have to fix the activation on the other machine and am not looking forward to calling Microsoft again. Also this whole process takes too long and I have to dig out the CD's and tidbits of information. If for some reason I can't find the exact right stuff in what may be the middle of the night after working 14+ hours, I am dead in the water. Clearly I need better organization and pre-testing but I would like for my backup software to cover my butt better. Brian
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