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Found 5 results

  1. As the topic says. Given the latest WannaCry attacks I have disabled smb v1 in Windows 10pro 1607, but now v12 clients wont install on other machine. Do we still need to have smb v1/cifs enabled to use Retrospect Professional v12 (latest ver)? BTW I havent disabled smb 2 and 3. Only used the "graceful" way to disable the redundant smb v1 thats all over the net right now.
  2. Hello, - I have a linux machine (this one being linux, *not* FreeBSD) with the retrospect client installed in it, - my backup machine, that runs on windows, sees the files of the linux machine correctly... - ... *except* the files of any mounted volume (mounted via nfs or smb) of the linux machine I do not know how the client is exactly sharing the files, if there is a configuration of this client that I need to do, or adjust some parameter of my linux, or is the access rights, or should I stream the files,... I contacted the support but they could only tell me nfs or Freebsd are not supported (that was not really my point or helping) I also posted this on the linux client part of the forum, but it does not seam to be very active lately. Any clue would be very welcome on this, even if this would be an explanation why this is not possible. Thanks
  3. Hello, I want to access files that are on a mounted volume (mounted via nfs, but the problem same appears with smb). Retrospect does not show any of the volumes I mounted locally! I don't think the problem to be about rights, as I launch Retrospect as root. This is blocking as I need to reach those nfs shares to backup them (I cannot share them with smb) Any clue? Thanks
  4. I am running Retrospect 9.0.1 on MacOS 10.7.3, trying to set up a media set on a remote network share. I go to the Media Sets pane, click Add, choose Share, and enter a path like this: smb://xxx.yyy.com/ifs/home/arang/backups (The same failure occurs with any subset of the path, as far as I can tell; stripping back just to the /ifs point also fails.) I then enter my username and password, and click on Add. I don’t get any errors, and nothing is logged, but the server never appears in the media sets pane. It is mounted (though apparently only accessible to the root user), and it does appear in the Sources pane. (I haven't tried backing up from it, since I really want to use it as a backup destination, not a source.) Any thoughts? Tracing the execution of the engine and application didn't reveal any failing system calls; I see the engine accessing the top-level directory, looking at a '.snapshot' directory within it, and not continuing further.
  5. I have added to my sources a smb share. I entered properly the account name and password. I used to create a set for this medium. When the host is reachable there is no problem, I can backup on it. However when I change of location (going back to home), the Retrospect application tells me that the smb share is unreachable and that I have to fix the configuration. Clicking ok the same window reopens with the same message and so one. The only way I found to stop this infinite loop is to kill the RetroEngine, stop it and restart it. Then I have a few seconds to remove the smb share from the sources. Does anyone has the same problem? How to fix it?
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