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Found 5 results

  1. Since installing the workstation on which this software runs never sleeps. If I attempt to make it sleep then after around five seconds it will wake up again. I note that in the release notes there is this entry: [Fixed] Prevent Retrospect server from entering sleep mode during backup (#4080) I'm unclear whether this means that its intended to never allow sleeping but the way I read this is that the fix is intended to prevent sleeping *during a backup* but I am seeing this behaviour when Retrospect is idle. Are there any work rounds for this problem or can this be raised as a bug? I'm happy to supply any further diagnostic information if needed. Thanks.
  2. We have three OS X servers set to be backed up every night. Intermittently, the backup script fails to complete with the following error message at the bottom. UAllowSystemSleepAgain: IOPMAssertionRelease failed, err = -536870199 Does anyone have any clue as to what the error message is trying to say? The servers are not set to sleep or to shutdown in any manner. The only power saving feature is to turn off the display after 10min. Thanks for your time, Mac
  3. I run Retrospect on a Mac Mini server at home, backing up the server and a few other systems. I’d like to have the server sleep most of the time and just wake up when needed. I currently have two proactive scripts and seven scheduled scripts. (I’ve experimented with disabling the proactive scripts via pause and disabling their schedule, but haven’t tried actually deleting them yet.) It looks like RetroEngine always prevents automatic sleep, though (as seen via pmset -g). It doesn’t seem to matter whether scripts are paused or not, or what the schedule for proactive scripts is. I haven’t tried a great deal of combinations yet, and didn’t see any mention of this in the manual, beyond a brief note in the Retrospect 10 release notes that “Mountain Lion's new sleep routines” were supported as of Retrospect 10. Is there any way to configure Retrospect so that sleep is only prevented while a backup is active, or until a scheduled backup? I could easily set a startup time in the Energy Saver control panel if Retrospect itself doesn’t schedule a wake time. It would be ideal if Retrospect could wake the server for a scheduled backup, then let it sleep again, but I’d be fine with just waking the system myself and leaving it up until backups finished and the system goes idle. If I replace my proactive scripts with scheduled scripts, will RetroEngine let my server sleep? I can force a sleep/wake cycle with Energy Saver, if RetroEngine doesn’t override a scheduled sleep, but that’s a bit awkward.
  4. Sleep behavior changed in OS X 10.8 and it appears to be affecting Retrospect 9 during backups. " In Mountain Lion, OS X no longer pays attention to disk activity when deciding if it's OK to put the system to sleep. Instead, Apple recommends that applications make what Apple calls "power assertions" as a way to tell the OS when they're doing some useful work that the system should stay awake for. This policy allows the OS to put the system to sleep the moment there are no applications still holding power assertions to prevent the action." http://arstechnica.com/apple/2012/07/os-x-10-8/18/ I noticed backups that would normally take 2 hours still processing after 7 hours (transfer rates had slowed to a few MB/sec.) Using the Caffeine app would allow the backup to complete normally, as it did in Lion and earlier. It would appear that many apps will have to be updated to account for this new energy-saving protocol with Retrospect 9 being one them. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have just installed Windows 7 with the default settings. The default power option is for the computer to sleep after 30 minutes. Does this effect Retrospect or is Retrospect's backup activity keep the computer from sleeping and the hard drives powering down? If my computer is going to sleep while Retrospect is running what settings do I need to change to keep Retrospect running when I am not working on my computer? I am running Retrospect 7.7. Thank you, John
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