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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am using Retrospect 10. I have created a couple new Sources of type "Share" (Sources > Add > Share) on Mac 10.5 computers. I enter the required info: - Share address: afp://serverName/shareName - tick "Registered User" - enter valid credentials in Name and Password fields The Source is created with no complaint. When I go to browse the contents of this new source, the mac dialog pops up "Select the volumes you want to mount on "serverName". The correct share is highlighted in the list, but you have to click OK for the operation to proceed. This is the typical mac dialog when you connect to a share and don't specify the share name. But in the creation of this source, I clearly specified the shareName, and the name of it in the Retrospect source list is the shareName. Similarly, when I run a manual backup and select this share as a source, the same dialog pops up, and nothing happens until I click OK to select the share. My scripted backups using these sources are hanging until these dialogs are dismissed. Why is Retrospect not properly mounting these shares? Thanks for any insight. - eric
  2. I am using Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) on a MacMini to back up several Mac clients as well as three NAS devices. I have two (Synology) NAS in my LAN, both with different IP addresses. I experience several strange behaviours, probably all related to the same underlying problem: I add NAS 1 as a source with afp://IP_address_NAS_1/share_A --> Share A is correctly mounted as a source in Retrospect I would like to add my second NAS 2 with afp://IP_address_NAS_2/share_B --> Instead of mounting my second NAS under "sources", the "machine name" of NAS 1 is changed to the machine name of NAS 2. No second share is mounted In order to narrow down the problem, I tried several things: If I remove NAS 1 as a source in Retrospect and then try to add NAS 2, Retrospect adds again NAS 1. However, with the IP address of NAS 2 but with the share name of NAS 1. I can only add NAS 2 if I power down NAS 2 --> I am able to add each NAS independently, hence the login process to each NAS seems to work fine. Unfortunately, I can not add both NAS as sources in Retrospect I added NAS 1 with afp://IP_address_NAS_1/share_A. Alle fine. If I want to add a second shared with afp://IP_address_NAS_1/share_B, Retrospect does not do anything --> it seems that the number of possible NAS sources is somehow limited to one There was a posting late March, which seems to point in a similiar direction, but I did never see a resolution: http://forums.retros...and-nas-shares/ Any hints are greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tom
  3. I am running Retrospect 9.0.1 on MacOS 10.7.3, trying to set up a media set on a remote network share. I go to the Media Sets pane, click Add, choose Share, and enter a path like this: smb://xxx.yyy.com/ifs/home/arang/backups (The same failure occurs with any subset of the path, as far as I can tell; stripping back just to the /ifs point also fails.) I then enter my username and password, and click on Add. I don’t get any errors, and nothing is logged, but the server never appears in the media sets pane. It is mounted (though apparently only accessible to the root user), and it does appear in the Sources pane. (I haven't tried backing up from it, since I really want to use it as a backup destination, not a source.) Any thoughts? Tracing the execution of the engine and application didn't reveal any failing system calls; I see the engine accessing the top-level directory, looking at a '.snapshot' directory within it, and not continuing further.
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