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Found 10 results

  1. Hey Everyone— I am wanting to create a rule for excluding render files and transcoded media from Final Cut Pro X. FCPX keeps these files inside event folders, which are themselves contained in Libraries, in folders called "Render Files" and Transcoded Media". So the hierarchy would look something like this: My FCPX Library.fcpbundle My Event 1 Original Media [some other files and folders] Render Files Transcoded Media My Event 2 ... I seem to be able to do 2 ALL conditions, one each to select Render or Transcode: – Folder Mac Path Contains ".fcpbundle" – Folder Name Contains "[Render Files/Transcoded Media]" and I think that will work. But it seems clumsy to me. Is there a way to only list the parent folder path w/ ".fcpbundle" once, then the other 2 below it? IOW, the parent condition is an ALL and the 2 child conditions are ANYs? I need to match the parent condition for sure, and one of the children. I don't seem to be getting the Any/All popups to do that right. In this case, it isn't critical, but if I had more subfolders under the parent that I wanted to exclude/include, having to list the parent every time gets a bit tedious. Suggestions? Am I doing it wrong? Thx! Fred
  2. I'm always a little intimidated when Rules get complicated, so here's a mutliple part question. 1) Is there a way to 'test' a rule (I'm using Retrospect 13.0.1) 2) I have several exclude desires and it's getting complicated, so I though I would make some rules to go together in a Nested rule (see here https://www.retrospect.com/en/documentation/user_guide/mac/management#working-with-rules and go to the end of this section - 2nd to last paragraph) something like this: What I want to do is exclude a few different types of things. I created a rule excluding some of these things, and another rule excluding some others of these things. Now I want them to work together, so I'm thinking that I should create a new rule something like this: Rule: Exclude Rule 1 Include files based on Exclude files based on Any of the following: Any folder named 'my antivirus cache' folder named 'some other stuff I don't want' etc Rule: Exclude Rule 2 Include files based on Exclude files based on All of the following: client name is XYZ File name ends in .xyz etc Rule: My Ultimate Rule Include files based on Any of the following: Saved Rule includes All Files Exclude files based on Any of the following: Saved Rule includes Exclude Rule 1 Saved Rule includes Exclude Rule 2 Saved Rule includes Exclude Rule 3 I was also studying this post in the Windows forum: http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/151365-how-to-nesting-selectors/ and think it's kind of the same arrangement, but wanted to make sure. Thanks, -Derek
  3. So I'm still in the process of converting from Retrospect 6 to 11 (Mac). I"m a bit confused about how to apply saved rules to exclude items from backups. If I have an "include" rule (rule1) that selects a group of files, and I then include this as a "saved rule" in the "exclude" section of another rule (rule2), do those files get excluded from my backup? (Rule1 includes a bunch of files, and rule2 excludes all the files included from rule1.) Conversely, if I exclude rule1 in the "exclude" section of rule2, then the files included in rule1 get backed up? (Because they are excluded from the "exclude" clause of rule2?) What happens if rule1 is an exclude rule?
  4. I am trying to troubleshoot a problem in which Retrospect seems not to be backing up the files it is supposed to according to a rule set. To do this I do the following, which shows the bug: 1. Click the Backup icon at the top left corner of the main Retrospect screen. 2. Click Continue, then select the source and choose a rule set (other than All Files) from the desired dropdown. 3. Click the Browse button beside the selected source, then immediately click Done, without changing anything or expanding anything. 4. Observe the Rules dropdown changes to Manual File Selection, then after a second changes again to All Files. 5. Change the Rules dropdown back to the desired rule set, then Continue. 6. Select the target media set and Continue. 7. Now you're on the Summary page. Confirm that the rule set displayed is the correct one. Click Preview and then Done, again without changing anything. Observe that the rule set is now Manual File Selection. The bugs observed in (4) and (7) make it impossible to preview the result of applying the rule to the media set. (If you do expand things when Previewing, nothing is marked as selected to back up.) Expected behaviour: Preview should show what parts of the selected source will be backed up by the selected rule set. Observed behaviour: Preview shows that nothing will be backed up, and changes which rule set has been selected.
  5. Hi, It may be me but I am finding rules very hard to fathom. What I'm Trying to Do I want to take a monthly backup of the client computers (mixed Macs and Wins) user Documents, Pictures, Movies (i.e just user docs not system ones). What I've Tried Having failed I thought I'd just concentrate on the Macs to work out what is going on. I have tried Folder Mac Path is FolderType. This backups nothing. I could do "contains" which will work but it also backs up other non user docs in deep files. Am I missing something about the rules? I could just make favourites but just feel that it is inelegant. Happy to do if I know I am barking up a wrong tree. Thanks.
  6. As has been mentioned here in the past, the file selection rules need work. Today, I wanted to omit the files in /Users/*/Library/Caches/Safari and /Users/*/Library/Caches/PubSub. I do not want to omit all folders called "Cache" or risk omitting files from my backups because the users have selected unfortunate names. I want to be very specific. What I found after a little research is that this is not so easy. There is no "wildcard" or regular expression capability in the rules, and due to the changing name of the path components (like the volume name and the user name) it is non-obvious how I do both. It would also be helpful to have a "does NOT contain" rule. With a combination of "contains" and "does not contain", I can build what I need, but without the "does not contain" that's much harder. (impossible?) What I ended up doing is omitting "folder" "mac path" "contains" "/Library/Caches/com.apple.Safari" and "/Library/Caches/PubSub" This is sufficiently specific that I don't think any random user is going to trip on it, but it is still not strictly correct.
  7. can anyone point me to a document or support article or past forum thread that will tell me about how to use the "is like" operator? i see that rules includes "is like" as a matching operator. i gather that this is supposed to be a pattern or regex type match. the existence of "is like" is mentioned in the Retrospect 8 User Guide, but the specifics are not documented - for example, whether it expects "standard" regexp syntax in the pattern or something else. i am looking into the use of rules to better partition my backups according to the backup-related properties. so for example, i might have separate media sets to handle photos/music vs. other stuff in users' doc directories vs. the non-user directory contents of machines. i can't find any user manual for v9 or v10 of retrospect. the v8 manual, as i indicated, does mention rules (seemingly based on selectors of retrospect v6), but does not cover "is like" (unless i missed it). thanks.
  8. Upgrading from Retrospect 6 to Retrospect 9. All set to go except for rules. Include rules work just fine. Exclude rules based upon an name or a path do not work except at the top level. Sub-level exclusions do not work at all. Example Rule: Exclude any folder with a name that contains "Parallels." File Tree in a user folder made as a favorite folder: Applications (Parallels) [Not backed up] Desktop [backed up] Documents [backed up] Documents/Parallels [backed up] Downloads [backed up] Etc. Etc. The rule excludes the "Applications (Parallels)" but not "Parallels" located inside the "Documents" folder. Customer support says it's an OS problem, and there is no solution. (Why is this not mentioned anywhere in the "known issues or release notes?) We have extensive exclusionary rules. So this is a big problem. Has anybody figured a work around? We may abort this upgrade and get a refund if not fixed.
  9. Going back at least to Retrospect 8.2, custom rules often would change or delete their existing conditions whenever the rule was subsequently edited and saved. I'm sorry to report that this bug still exists in Retrospect 9.0.2. We have created a number of complex rules to exclude files during certain backups. These rules each contain a number of AND conditions among the many OR conditions. One such AND condition (call it "AND Condition 1") has three subconditions: a file name, a file Mac path "includes...," and a "backup date within..." time. Recently I edited the rule containing "AND Condition 1" to add a new AND condition. When I saved the modified rule and then reopened it (using the edit pencil button) to check things over, the time subcondition had disappeared from "AND Condition 1." Happily, I was able to re-insert this missing subcondition and save the rule without having any further unwanted changes occur. (In the past, with Retro 8.2, it would often take several iterations to correct all of the spontaneous changes that would come along, so perhaps this indicates that some progress has been made. )
  10. Anyone know what the "Backup Exclude List" contains? I am writing rules for Retrospect 9 and want to exclude things like logs, caches, and assorted other system and application files that are not needed for the restore of a working system. But I would rather not duplicate files Retrospect already excludes. The only hint of the backup exculde list is this quote from the Retrospect 9 for Mac Release Notes: RET-6081: Add Mac OS X Lion's "Saved Application State" folders to the backup exclude list I have tried searching all the obvious sources with no success, but I am sure I have not tried all possible combinations of description. I hope someone already has a clue. Glenn Retrospect 9 Trial
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