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Found 7 results

  1. USD hard drive on my router filled up. Grooming didn't do much. Rebuilt catalog multiple times and incremental backup still failed. Multiple groom/rebuild/backup cycles failed with various errors that seemed to be related to multiple clobbered rdb files. Attempted a Backup Set Transfer. It started to run, and run, and run. Came back a day later. Although it had finished, I saw 0 errors, 0 performance and 0:00:00 elapsed time, and no log file. The rdb files seem to be in the folder for the transfer set, but I am not confident that it went OK. Having said that, I am attempting to do a recycle backup to the original backup set to start over. I did NOT forget the original Backup Set so that my scripts would stay intact. Retrospect is now "Building Catalog File..." which it has been doing for 26+ hours. No files have been completed, and the neither the Error/Warnings or Performance indicators have anything in them. It does seem to be cycling through files. It is creating Session files in the folder where the original backup rdb files live, and is updating the catalog (on another drive). What I don't understand is why it is reading the old backup when I set it for a recycle backup. Should it not just delete the old backup rdb files and start over? So, for the moment, I am dead in the water with no confidence that I have a properly transferred backup set or a working backup process.
  2. I ran into a user error during a long sequence of scripts that had to run in the right order. One of the early media set copy operations failed, because the destination was too small (!! My Bad) I wanted to pause everything, recycle the destiniation "manually", restart the copy, and then let the sequence proceed. Unfortunately, I was unable to recycle the destination media set because the "recycle" button was grey-ed out. I looked at other options, but with all scripts paused, I could not do much without messing up my script sequence. I noticed that the destination set that had failed the copy had *no* snapshots listed. I tried retrieving one of the snapshots, and it worked (without un-pausing everything, thankfully) Once the snap retrieval was done, I could recycle the media set - re-run the failed copy, and re-enable the rest of the scripts. I think this is a bug. The "recycle" button should not depend on having a snapshot in the "backups" window. I should be able to recycle a media set that is hopelessly screwed up, or missing, or whatever. I think of it as the "big hammer", and I would expect retro to hammer the set back to the stone age immediately, possibly with a couple of whines if it would be unwise. (like if it would blow away files that look like they are not created by Retro, for instance) As it is, the recycle button is slightly fragile. This is the only time I have had it grey, where I could force it to work. Mostly I have had to do something gross like delete the media set and re-create it. (re-adding to scripts, etc)
  3. I just upgraded to v9.0.1 and when I create a new script using Advanced Mode, the Options | Backup does not show the choice of Normal Backup or Recycle. According to the documentation it is supposed to.
  4. I have a Dell PowerEdge T420 with Windows Server 2012. It came bundled with their RD1000 cartridge drive and Retrospect OEM Disk-to-Disk (8.0.0). I am having a problem with the Recycle backup option. Even though I have the appropriate cartridge loaded, Retrospect does not automatically erase the cartridge and use it. It will display a "Please select a new disk..." message, even though the disk loaded in the drive is the disk it's asking for (see the attached image). Once I click "Proceed," it will go ahead and erase the disk and reuse it. It should do that automatically, though, shouldn't it?
  5. I have a script to copy most recent backups to an external hard drive. There exists a media set for the drive, with one member: the external drive. The script is supposed to recycle the external drive media set before beginning the copy, with my intention being that the external drive holds a complete up to date copy of all backup sources, without older versions of files taking up space. When the script runs, it goes straight to "Matching" and then "Copying", with no recycle process. Note: below it indicates the option "Match source Media Set to Destination Media Set" is checked; I have just tried running the script with this option unchecked, and it exhibits the same behavior. Old backups are still on the drive while new files are being created. Essentially, Retrospect doesn't appear to be respecting the "Media action: Recycle Media Set" setting. Is the problem that this is a disk media set, rather than tape drive? The script is set up as follows: Summary Status: Scheduled Type: Copy Backup Rule: All files Options: Data compression off Backups (my main media set) Media sets (the External Drive Media Set) The Schedule detail shows the recycle icon Sources Copy most recent backups for each source Main Media Set selected Destinations External Drive Media Set selected Rules All Files Schedule Destination: External Drive selected. Media Action: Recycle Media Set Start: 11PM Repeat: Weekly Every [1] week on [Friday] Stop: when done Options Copy Backup Media Verification checked Match source Media Set to Destination Media Set checked Don't add duplicates to the Media Set checked
  6. Hello, I'm testing the new retrospect 10 to see if I want to buy it, but I can't get it to do what I want. I have made two scripts, 1 for the weekly recycle back up and 1 for the daily normal back up. I want to make a recycle back up but one of the most important folders will not back up. Retrospect keeps telling no files need to back up. To me that feels strange because it should back up all files once I choose recycle? Can somebody please help me Thnx
  7. OK, I give up. When I select a media set, the "recycle" button is made available to me in the "media sets" panel. I have 3 "disk" sets, and when I select them, the "recycle" is greyed out. Why? I have checked permissions, and that does not seem to be the problem. There is nothing unusual about these sets, except that both the catalog and the member data is on Firewire disk. The single "disk" set I had where the catalog file was on the "main" hard disk (in /Library/Application support/Retrospect) THAT one, I could recycle. Why is this button unavailable?
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