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Found 3 results

  1. Running Retrospect 9.5 for Windows, have been doing encrypted backups to external drives. The PC that was running Retrospect crashed and we've had to re-install WIndows and all the applications, including Retrospect 9.5. I have a bunch of RDB files in a sub-folder on an external drive. How do I re-create the database and restore files from this backup set? I do have the encryption key handy. I tried copying the folder with all the files to the PC, then trying to recreate the catalog but when navigating to the copied folder, it shows nothing and I have no OK button to click, just cancel. Lost and need some help. Thanks!
  2. I am having some problems rebuilding a media set from members located on two SMB NAS shares. So I want to move them to a couple of USB disks and so off the network. Unfortunately although the total size of my 2 USB disks is more than adequate (2x 4TB), one of the NAS shares that contains most of the data has 4.2TB of retrospect data. i.e. 200 GB more than will fit on either of the USB drives. I wondered whether, given that the rdb files that make up the data are in 630 MB chunks, can I redistribute them across the 2 USB disks and still have a chance of rebuilding a media set out of them?
  3. Retrospect 8.5 crashed hard, and corrupted the configXX.dat file over the weekend. I tried restoring this, but was unsuccesful. I had to obtain the product license keys and basically start over with everything. There are only 2 backup sets (servers, and servers2) backup set "servers" was recycled before the crash, and only backed up for about 2 hours (meaning it only has 2 hours worth of backup data altogether) backup set "servers2" seems to still be intact and as it was (meaning all of the .rdb files are still in their original location) I succesfully recataloged "servers" with no issues. However when I perform the same steps on "servers2" I get the error message: "The Backup Set data file name is invalid, cannot recatalog the set using these files" Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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