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Found 3 results

  1. Has anyone been able to mount nfs shares on 10.8.x and back them up with Retro? I can get them to (auto) mount, but Retro refuses to "see" the volume/share. I have never been able to get nfs shares to work "manually" either in the Retro dialog box for "sources", or in the Finder dialog for "go to server". Does anyone have a recipe?
  2. Hello, - I have a linux machine (this one being linux, *not* FreeBSD) with the retrospect client installed in it, - my backup machine, that runs on windows, sees the files of the linux machine correctly... - ... *except* the files of any mounted volume (mounted via nfs or smb) of the linux machine I do not know how the client is exactly sharing the files, if there is a configuration of this client that I need to do, or adjust some parameter of my linux, or is the access rights, or should I stream the files,... I contacted the support but they could only tell me nfs or Freebsd are not supported (that was not really my point or helping) I also posted this on the linux client part of the forum, but it does not seam to be very active lately. Any clue would be very welcome on this, even if this would be an explanation why this is not possible. Thanks
  3. I had this problem for the past week and figured out what the problem was so thought I'd put it out there. The problem (kind of) wasn't Retrospect in this case. The Retrospect server (Mac, Retrospect 8.2) kept dying backing up a particular script on one of our file servers (CentOS 5.6). A reboot fixed this for a day but then the problem reoccurred and frequent reboots of the file server are impractical. The symptom: I narrowed the problem down to one script which backed up the root partition. Whenever this ran, Retrospect hung on the script and after stopping it, all other jobs on the server failed. The cause: I logged into the server to try to figure out the problem and ran "ls /" which worked as usual. I then ran "ls -l /" which hung indefinitely. I ran "strace ls -l /" which told me that the hang was happening when accessing a directory mounted off the root which is a hard nfs mount to an external drive. This is the problem with hard nfs mounts - they can hang indefinitely when they fail. Once I fixed the mounting issue, everything was gravy. So this wasn't entirely Retrospect's fault. However, once I stopped the hanging script, the server should have released the client connection (I ran "rcl status" and the connection was not being released). Hopefully this helps someone else keep their hair!
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