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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have a Drobo 5N as a NAS backup destination. It is setup in Retrospect (15.0 Mac). Backing up media sets onto it (its works in a D-D-D setup) has been working fine. However it is occasionally saying it can not find the media set required. When I go and browse the NAS drive it shows the "Retrospect" folder but will not show the contents of it - as if the folder is empty. When I change the name of the top level folder from "Retrospect to, say, "xRetrospect" it shows the contents fine. When I then change back it doesn't. I have worked around this by keep the name changed to "Retrospect Media Sets" but I would like to understand why this is happening. After all thew folder in question was automatically created by Retrospect when I created the first media set on the drive. Thanks, Francis
  2. Hi, I am trying to copy/clone the latest "version" of every file in a collection of media sets. I figure since it's already backed up and compressed, I should be able to just grab the latest files and not have it take as long to do it. But there are two issues. One, they do not define what is meant by these terms: Copy most recent backups for each source Copy most recent backups for each selected source Copy selected backups Copy all backups Since I cannot select more than one source when running the copy backups utility, I assume "Copy most recent backups for each selected source" means "Copy most recent backups for THE ONE selected source" and "Copy most recent backups for each source" means it's going to copy the latest backup from every media set in the entire program? Also, does the "most recent backup" mean the most recent FILES from the backup, or only those files that happened to have gotten copied during the last backup (so files that were unchanged since the predeeding backups would not be there)? My brain is melting trying to unravel their documentation and take on logic. Thanks, Jeff ps- why do they sometimes "dim" and become unavailable?
  3. I'm a New User, I use LTO-4 backup. My problem was the seguente: I created two media set called "Backup 01" and "Backup 02" ribbons in two LTOs respectively. Then decides that "BACKUP 02" become a member of the "BACKUP 01" renamed to "BACKUP 2 01" by doing the command of the entire contents of the LTO TAPE "BACKUP 02" was lost .... My question is to restore the contents of the LTO TAPE "BACKUP 02" which is now called "02 BACKUP 01"?
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