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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I need some advices regarding my dailies workflow. Every week or so I receive video footage from the director and I need to make an extra back-up of this footage, while the overall filming has not been completed. Fast and cheap, durable. After the entire project has been completed I can remove and re-use the LTO backup for the next project. I already have an LTO5 setup and use Retrospect 9 w/ Tandberg HH on a Mac Pro v2013. Questions: 1) I incidentally need to access the LTO5 tape, but hopefully not too much, in case data is lost. I also want to re-use the LTO5 tape after the project has been completed. Is it better to use an HDD (easier access) in this scenario or LTO5 (faster/bit cheaper/smaller -> can put it in a safe). I don't need long-term storage. Only for the duration of the project. 2) Normally I don't use verification at all after the LTO5 has been written to and completed, to save time. Is it recommended to use verification of the LTO5 backup w/ Retrospect or does it verify and write data at the same time w/ Retrospect? What is the error ratio if not verified? 3) Does it matter if I use $20 LTO5 tapes (Imation/HP..) or $50 LTO5 tapes? 4) Does the LTO5 tape withstand freezing temperatures or heat (down to -10 Celsius / up to 35 Celsius) if I want to store the tape for eg in my outdoor barn to spread backups? Many thanks! Rob
  2. Hi there I'm using Retrospect for mac 10.5 with a Quantum Scalar i40. Im using 2,9TB LTO-5 Tapes. Within a Media Set I have 9 Tapes. By my calculations 9 X 2,9TB = 26,1TB. However Retrospect seems to be doing different mathamatics? (12,9TB) What am I missing? Please see screenshots attached:
  3. I am trying to get Retrospect setup to work with my Tandberg Storageloader LTO-5. It is a compatible product, but the auto-loader show up under storage devices and the drive itself doesn't. The drive is visible under the environment tab. Any suggestions on this.
  4. I have a 2012 Mac Pro Server (3.2GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, 16GB RAM) running Mountain Lion Server 10.8.4 and Retrospect 10.1.0 (221). It's connected to a G-Tech G-Speed ES Pro 12TB (9TB RAID 5) connected via mini SAS to an ATTO ExpressSAS R680 and a Overland NEO 200s connected via fibre channel. I have been running Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups for the last 6+ months to LTO5 tape with no issues. Ran a couple simple and small test restores to a local second hard drive on the Mac Pro and that went fine. Now I've run into an issue that required me to re-format the external RAID and restore from tape backup. Should be easy using the previous weeks full weekly backup along with the daily incremental backups should put me very close to where I need to be. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me get Retrospect 10 to restore the data without going non-responsive most of the way through. I have had to force quit Retrospect multiple times and re-boot the server to restart it. I have 3.8TB to restore and the best I can get is about 3TB before it locks up. I have tried multiple times to "Restore only missing files" but the progress details show the entire 3.8 TB remaining. The entire restore should take roughly 8 hours but it never finishes. Retrospect support has helped with a few things but unfortunately I still need help and their support is closed on the weekends, unfortunately I don't have that luxury. Thanks in advance to any help I can get.
  5. I'm running Retrospect Multi-Server 7.7.620, connected via SAS to a Tandberg Data StorageLoader LTO5 SAS (Houses 8 tapes + an HP Ultrium-5 drive). Windows 7 Professional SP1. Retrospect and the StorageLoader do not seem to be communicating properly. No commands that I issue to the StorageLoader from within the Devices menu in Retrospect seem to get any response from the StorageLoader. Scanning tapes does nothing, requesting to load a tape does nothing, telling it to eject it's magazines does nothing. The only command that does anything is when I tell the drive in the loader to eject it's media, which gets it to spit out it's tape (Although the loader inside of the library does not move said tape back to it's slot, this also has to be done manually). No information is shown about the tapes in Devices view except their barcode numbers (And they are listed as gray tape icons), and sometimes even the barcodes don't show up unless I manually load and unload the unlisted tapes. When I run a backup and a new tape is requested, I have to load it manually. Same for recoveries. This all makes it seem like a driver or firmware is incorrect somewhere, but everything seems to be up to speed: StorageLoader: Driver Version, Firmware Version 3.49 Ultrium LTO5 Drive: Driver Version, Firmware Version Z51U Retrospect: 7.7620 Multi-Server with advanced tape support Am I missing something? I've tried restarting both Windows and the loader multiple times to no avail, but the compatibility site says that Tandberg Data LTO5 StorageLoaders are completely compatible with Retrospect. Thanks!
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