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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! We have been running Retrospect for years and seldom had any major problems, until today! We have been backing up a lot of Linux clients, mainly Ubuntu. Recently there is two new clients to backup that we just don't get to work. What is different from all other clients is that they have docker installed. They both run Ubuntu 20 fully patched and have the retrospect client Version When connecting to them and checking volumes from the server it starts to show a lot of them, some with an icon of a pen with line across it, then after displaying all they drop off until none left. And so it goes on... Picture attached below. Now, what is wrong with the client? Why is it bananas just because we have docker installed on the client that is to be backed up? Any hints would be much appreciated! /Pontus
  2. I had a similar error back in 2014, but it was an unrelated issue. The platform is CentOS 7, but with FreeBSD kernel (FreeBSD 11.1 and older versions didn't experience this issue, but the current 11.2 and 12.0 kernels report the lack of xattr information differently). Basically, the FreeBSD kernel doesn't allow the Linux-based Retrospect client to read extended attributes / xattr of files, and so Retrospect refuses to back up any of those files. I don't need extended attributes, I just need the files backed up! The Retrospect Client is logging this for every file encountered: fetFileSpec: ExtAttrGetData() failed with error 61 When tracing system calls on retropds.23, I see this: linux_llistxattr() ERR#-61 'Attribute not found' Basically, as expected, it can't get the extended attributes. The Retrospect Server logs this differently, though: can't read, error -1114 (unexpected end of file) None of the files are changing in size, so there is no "unexpected end of file". Retrospect has full read/write access on the drive (obviously, since it is what places "retropds.23" there). It looks like the Retrospect Server is interpreting the message from Retrospect Client incorrectly! I've tried reporting the problem to Support on the Retrospect website, but since I'm running it on an "unsupported configuration" (that's worked fine for the past 6+ years), they won't even consider fixing the bug. Does anyone know of a way to get Retrospect to ignore xattr information? Or to get the Server to NOT skip files?
  3. I finally got round to testing the new(ish) 64Bit Native Linux client on my Mint 17.3 (Ubuntu 14.04) Workstation. It works well, and here are my detailed results 20160730 Retro Client Linux - Retrospect MultiServer on Win XP 32 Tar Package containing an install.sh script and a .rcl package INSTALLER SCRIPT ANALYSIS Open Install.sh in gedit Requirements Logged in as Root or Run Install.sh as SUDO /usr/local must exist Installation folder /usr/local/retrospect/client Handles Upgrades - Checks for existing client Supports the Client Public Keys for Automatically adding clients Place keys in /usr/local/retrospect/client/public_key/pubkey.dat Installs Man & Info Pages /usr/local/man/man1.retroclient.* .usr/share/info/retroclient.info.gz Locations CLIENTDIR=/usr/local/retrospect/client STATEFILE=/var/log/retroclient.state EXCLUDEFILE=/etc/retroclient.excludes PUBKEY=./public_key/pubkey.dat Logs /var/log/retro* retroclient.history text retroclient.log text retroclient.log.0.log opens with LibreOfficeWrter retroclient.log.1.log etc opens with LibreOfficeWrter retroclient.state binary retropds.log opens with LibreOfficeWrter INSTALLATION Unpack the Tar, copy folder to Downloads Open Terminal in folder sudo ./Install.sh johng@Mint17-3Dev ~/Downloads/Linux_Client_x64_11_0_0_107 $ sudo ./Install.sh [sudo] password for johng: Install Retrospect Client? (y/n): y Enter first access password: Retype the first access password: Adding RETROSPECT_HOME to system profile and login scripts...Done! Starting client as daemon... Retrospect Client for Linux started successfully! Your system appears to be compatible with the startup system used by Ubuntu and Debian. Would you like to modify rc.local to automatically start Retrospect Client for Linux? (y/n): Y johng@Mint17-3Dev ~/Downloads/Linux_Client_x64_11_0_0_107 $ UPGRADE Unpack the Tar, copy folder to Downloads Open Terminal in folder johng@Mint17-3Dev ~/Downloads/Linux_Client_x64_11_0_0_107 $ ls Install.sh RCL.tar johng@Mint17-3Dev ~/Downloads/Linux_Client_x64_11_0_0_107 $ sudo ./Install.sh [sudo] password for johng: Install Retrospect Client? (y/n): Y Adding RETROSPECT_HOME to system profile and login scripts...Done! Starting client as daemon... Retrospect Client for Linux started successfully! Upgrade completed successfully johng@Mint17-3Dev ~/Downloads/Linux_Client_x64_11_0_0_107 $ Post Installation analysis /usr/local/retrospect/client rcl script retroclient retrocpl - text control panel /usr/local/man/man1 retroclient.1.gz retrocpl.1.gz /etc/rc.local Added line "/usr/local/retrospect/client/rcl start " /var/log/ retroclient.history text retroclient.log text retroclient.log.0.log opens with LibreOfficeWrter retroclient.log.1.log etc opens with LibreOfficeWrter retroclient.state binary retropds.log opens with LibreOfficeWrter OPERATION Retroclient is started by default at boot up It's a system process running under root, so does not show in System Monitor by Default Set View to "All Processes" Run retrocpl to check status johng@Mint17-3Dev /usr/local/retrospect/client $ ./retrocpl Server "Mint17-3Dev": Version back up according to normal schedule currently on readonly is off exclude is off 0 connections, 0 authenticated Check for the retroclient process johng@Albion ~ $ ps -e | grep retro 1744 ? 00:30:22 retroclient On Retro Server Configure > Clients > Add New Linux Client should be detected - ADD > Enter Password > Confirm Name > Done Client Goes Active Properties General Refresh Check connected & Speed - OK Check Options Volumes Check Configure > Volumes > Lots of system volumes in here Some have Icons on eg / I set mine to Selected Volumes and Selected Home DISASTER RECOVERY See White Paper https://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/linux_disaster_recovery DOCUMENTATION johng@Mint17-3Dev ~ $ man retroclient retroclient(1) General Commands Manual retroclient(1) NAME retroclient - Retrospect Client SYNOPSIS retroclient [OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION retroclient is the Retrospect Client. When executed, it enables communication with a Retrospect application running under Windows on another computer. From the Retrospect application, you can access volumes on the client computer and back up, restore, or duplicate files. If retroclient is run with no arguments, the client is started. OPTIONS -setpass Prompt the user to set the first access password. Once set, the password can be changed from only the Retrospect application. -log n Set the logging level to n (default = 6). Logs are saved in /var/log/retroclient.log and /var/log/retropds.log --help Display help text and exit. COPYRIGHT Copyright 2015 Retrospect, Inc. SEE ALSO retrocpl(1) Version 9.5 July 2015 retroclient(1) johng@Mint17-3Dev ~ $ man retrocpl retrocpl(1) General Commands Manual retrocpl(1) NAME retrocpl - Retrospect Client Control Panel SYNOPSIS retrocpl [OPTIONS] [-proactive PROACTIVE_OPTIONS] DESCRIPTION retrocpl is the conrol panel application for the Retrospect Client. The control panel provides a way to view and modify the client settings. If retrocpl is run with no arguments the status of the client is reported. OPTIONS -stop Shut down the client process. -readonly [on | off] Set the client read-only mode (default is read/write). -exclude [on | off] Turn on or off the processing of /etc/retroclient.excludes. -log n Set the logging level to n (default = 6). Logs are saved in /var/log/retroclient.log and /var/log/retropds.log. -proactive PROACTIVE_OPTIONS Configure the Proactive Backup options. --help Display help text and exit. PROACTIVE_OPTIONS asap Request a backup as soon as possible. normal Return to the normal backup schedule. mm:dd:yyyy:hh:mm Defer the backup until after the specified time. skipdays=n Defer backup for n days. COPYRIGHT © 2015 Retrospect, Inc. SEE ALSO retroclient(1) Version 9.5 July 2015 retrocpl(1) ISSUES One installation on a Mint 17 VM did not add the start command to /etc/rc.local Added line "/usr/local/retrospect/client/rcl start " manually Restart Check with retrocpl - Client running OK
  4. Hi all I recently installed Client for Linux x64 on a Cent OS 7.3 system and it works fine. Now I want to add encryption but I fid not find anything in the documentation where the private key has to be put. I have activated "Encrypt Network Link" in the clients's settings but I suspect this does not really work unless the private key is present on the client side. Hints, tips and informed information is greatly appreciated. Matt
  5. Running multi server version 9.5 on Win2008. Just added my first linux server client (RHEL 6.6). Retrospect can see the client. Client status is reporting everything is OK, and is protected, and client is running. But when I try to run a script to backup a directory on the Linux client, nothing is backed up. The server can see it, and you can see the it scan the thousands of files totalling over 30 GB of data, but nothing gets backed up to the tape. Yes, some of the files already exist in the backup set, but I created a new file to test it, and it too did not get backed up. To further test, I found some files and tried to restore to the linux client, which works. Client runs as root, Checked the history, events and logs which is not showing any problems.
  6. My first guess is that this is caused by block-level backups. It didn't work on any of our Mac clients, so we turned if off. I'm guessing we need to just stop using it all toghether. A big reason we upgraded from the old 7.7 server to the new 9.5 server was to take advantage of block-level backups! I can understand block-level backups "not working", but it seems to completely crash our Linux clients. Server: (Windows x64) --- Server1 (32-bit), client (32-bit) Nov 20 17:00:17 ServerName1 Retrospect[30253]: fetFileSpec: unexpected EOF on "/share/lab/home/user1/.mozilla/firefox/abc123.default/places.sqlite-wal" Nov 20 17:00:17 ServerName1 Retrospect[98651]: TransReadPipe: read loop error. transaction possibly terminated. Nov 20 17:00:17 ServerName1 kernel: pid 30253 (retropds.23), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped) The Retrospect server reports this error: Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) --- Server1 (32-bit), client (32-bit) Nov 25 17:43:41 ServerName1 Retrospect[32794]: fetFileSpec: unexpected EOF on "/share/lab/home/user2/Projects/ImportantFile.xlsx" Nov 25 17:43:41 ServerName1 Retrospect[41014]: TransReadPipe: read loop error. transaction possibly terminated. Nov 25 17:43:41 ServerName1 kernel: pid 32794 (retropds.23), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped) The Retrospect server reports this error: Trouble reading files, error -557 ( transaction already complete) ----- Server2 (32-bit), client 7.7.100 (32-bit) Nov 26 17:21:57 ServerName2 Retrospect[9767]: fetFileSpec: unexpected EOF on "/etc/webmin/system-status/info" Nov 26 17:21:57 ServerName2 kernel: [83564.889072] retropds.23[9767]: segfault at ffffffff ip b76d2e72 sp bfaf3d88 error 5 in libc-2.15.so[b759c000+1a4000] The Retrospect server reports this error: Trouble reading files, error -540 ( trouble creating service) ----- In each case, the cause seems to be the same: Retrospect is trying to back up a file that has changed size (gotten smaller, in these cases), and the client gets the "unexpected EOF" error. But WHY does the client crash like that? If a file is 200KB during the initial scan and only 150KB when it tries to back it up (which causes it to freak out for some reason), shouldn't it just continue to the next file? Did something in exception handling break? Searching for these "unexpected EOF" errors under Linux gives me hits from 2009, 2007, 2006, etc. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/25915-unexpected-eof-when-backing-up-a-linux-client/ http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/19454-error-540-trouble-creating-service-and-unexpected-eof/ http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/18634-error-540/ http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/18343-fedora-5-unexpected-eof-waitpid-failed-trouble-creating-service/ Why would this issue pop up with the latest Retrospect Server?
  7. I have just upgraded Retrospect Pro for Windows to version 8, and I'm looking for the advertised feature that allows me to connect to a WebDAV server and use it for a backup destination. I'm on Windows 7 x64, and the server I want to use is running Linux and has built-in WebDAV support through cPanel. The question is: How do I do it. I've looked at the .chm help file that came with the product, and the search feature shows that there is no mention of WebDAV in the help file. A Google Search gave me a page that told me how to set up an IIS server to run this, but I'm not using IIS, and the server-side (the cloud storage server, if you like) is already set up. Where, within Retrospect, do I go to create a new Backup Set whose storage location is in the cloud?
  8. Hello, - I have a linux machine (this one being linux, *not* FreeBSD) with the retrospect client installed in it, - my backup machine, that runs on windows, sees the files of the linux machine correctly... - ... *except* the files of any mounted volume (mounted via nfs or smb) of the linux machine I do not know how the client is exactly sharing the files, if there is a configuration of this client that I need to do, or adjust some parameter of my linux, or is the access rights, or should I stream the files,... I contacted the support but they could only tell me nfs or Freebsd are not supported (that was not really my point or helping) I also posted this on the linux client part of the forum, but it does not seam to be very active lately. Any clue would be very welcome on this, even if this would be an explanation why this is not possible. Thanks
  9. We are currently using Retrospect Professional for Windows 7.7 to backup both Windows and Linux clients. The question is; does the new version, Retrospect Professional for Windows 8 support Linux clients? If not, is there plans in the future to support Linux clients?
  10. I had this problem for the past week and figured out what the problem was so thought I'd put it out there. The problem (kind of) wasn't Retrospect in this case. The Retrospect server (Mac, Retrospect 8.2) kept dying backing up a particular script on one of our file servers (CentOS 5.6). A reboot fixed this for a day but then the problem reoccurred and frequent reboots of the file server are impractical. The symptom: I narrowed the problem down to one script which backed up the root partition. Whenever this ran, Retrospect hung on the script and after stopping it, all other jobs on the server failed. The cause: I logged into the server to try to figure out the problem and ran "ls /" which worked as usual. I then ran "ls -l /" which hung indefinitely. I ran "strace ls -l /" which told me that the hang was happening when accessing a directory mounted off the root which is a hard nfs mount to an external drive. This is the problem with hard nfs mounts - they can hang indefinitely when they fail. Once I fixed the mounting issue, everything was gravy. So this wasn't entirely Retrospect's fault. However, once I stopped the hanging script, the server should have released the client connection (I ran "rcl status" and the connection was not being released). Hopefully this helps someone else keep their hair!
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