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Found 2 results

  1. A good piece of SW behaves correctly. A really great piece of SW behaves correctly even in the face of errors, and provides useful information when things go wrong. Retrospect 10.5 is not yet great. I have an occasional problem with my external firewire disks. I dont know where the errors originate, but they are "sticky", in that they are not intermittent once they appear. I have taken to running a "verify" script regularly on the media sets to ensure that the underlying HW is functioning correctly. These errors usually appear in clusters, affecting multiple media sets in a burst, and then staying "stable" between occurrences. In this case, out of 14 media sets, errors appeared on 7 of them. 6 of them are of the form: (blah blah) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 19357344) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 19971744) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 20586144) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 21200544) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 21814944) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 22429344) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 23043744) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 23658144) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 24272544) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 24886944) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 25501344) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 26115744) !Media Set format inconsistency (2 at 26132288) Remaining: 550 files, 0 B Completed: 3770 files, 34.6 GB Note that there are 550 files "remaining", and the 3770 is less than the number expected (by 550 files). The other type of error is: - 12/14/14 10:30:50 AM: Verifying v9_Virtue2 !Generated MD5 digest for file "/Volumes/VirtueHD/private/var/servermgrd/sessions/root@4B101fgg23MYmjL4Hhq9pNXY9pN1Idb5-admin" does not match stored MD5 digest. Completed: 467630 files, 29.3 GB Performance: 3,860.5 MB/minute Duration: 00:08:08 (00:00:22 idle/loading/preparing) These "MD5" errors seem to be rarer. I presume that these errors are some sort of data transfer problem with the disk, because when I read the disks in raw mode (or copy the files) no errors are detected in the disk operations. For some reason, data appears to have been lost in the transfer of the data from memory to the disk. Given the (lack of) data protection in the data path in essentially "consumer" HW, this is not so surprising. -- What is surprising is that the VERIFY operation detects errors, and a media set COPY runs WITHOUT error. What I have done (several times now) is copy the media set to another, and then copy it back. When I do this, I get the expected number of files reported by the verify, but *no errors*. Something is not right. 1. What does retrospect do with those missing 550 files if I try to restore from that media set? I have never seen an error reported from a restore saying it tried to restore a file and it was "unavailable". 2. Why does verify detect errors that copy ignores? (can't see?) Retrospect exists to protect my data. It needs to be explicit with me about what it fails to backup/preserve/restore. What's up with this? Is it different in retro 11.x?
  2. Retro 9.0.2 (107), on OS X 10.6 mini with 8 GB memory. tape drive is HP storage works Dat 72 usb I am trying to copy a media set from disk to tape. Total size is about 90 GB. On the second tape, I get errors. I've tried this 3 times, and the error is about the same. twice it has happened on the same file. Once on another file "nearby". Log excerpts: + Executing copy_iCompute_year at 12/7/12 (Activity Thread 1) To Backup Set v9_iCompute_2012t... - 12/7/12 5:43:14 PM: Transferring from v9_iCompute_2012 - 12/7/12 9:11:55 PM: Verifying v9_iCompute_2012t - 12/8/12 12:42:17 AM: Transferring from v9_iCompute_2012 - 12/8/12 4:22:35 AM: Verifying v9_iCompute_2012t !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 302823168) !Generated MD5 digest for file "Joy_HD_X/Users/cjl/Pictures/Bruce_9_13_09/Originals/2009/Jun 25, 2009/" does not match stored MD5 digest. !Backup Set format inconsistency (5 at 302822304) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 302818176) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 302817088) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 302816064) (repeated many times....) previous + Executing copy_iCompute_year at 12/7/12 (Activity Thread 1) To Backup Set v9_iCompute_2012t... - 12/7/12 12:22:11 AM: Transferring from v9_iCompute_2012 - 12/7/12 3:51:42 AM: Verifying v9_iCompute_2012t - 12/7/12 10:42:37 AM: Transferring from v9_iCompute_2012 - 12/7/12 2:22:52 PM: Verifying v9_iCompute_2012t !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 302786496) !Generated MD5 digest for file "Joy_HD_X/Users/cjl/Pictures/Bruce_9_13_09/Originals/2009/Jun 26, 2009/" does not match stored MD5 digest. !Backup Set format inconsistency (5 at 312139968) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 312262592) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 332547344) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 317140112) (repeated many times....) and previous... + Executing copy_iCompute_year at 12/5/12 (Activity Thread 1) To Backup Set v9_iCompute_2012t... - 12/5/12 1:40:33 PM: Transferring from v9_iCompute_2012 - 12/5/12 5:09:11 PM: Verifying v9_iCompute_2012t - 12/5/12 9:21:03 PM: Transferring from v9_iCompute_2012 - 12/6/12 1:02:50 AM: Verifying v9_iCompute_2012t !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 297431856) !Generated MD5 digest for file "Joy_HD_X/Users/cjl/Pictures/Bruce_9_13_09/Originals/2009/Jun 25, 2009/" does not match stored MD5 digest. !Backup Set format inconsistency (5 at 316160816) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 316426624) !Backup Set format inconsistency (4 at 315258976) (repeated many times....) I already tried using a different tape. The first two were the same tape, the third try was a different tape (different manufacturer, too). After the second failure, I did a verify on the source media set, and it came through clean. This looks like some sort of bug to me. Tape is relatively imprecise in the face of errors and bad media. I would expect that if this were a device or media problem with recording the data, the error would change from run to run, but this is a little too consistent. I also would expect it to behave differently with a different physical tape. It would be nice to have timestamps on the errors. I could at least tell whether this is happening at the beginning, end, or middle of the tape. As it is, I have no idea. Writing these tapes takes hours. Despite all these errors, is any of the data written to these tapes retrievable? I'm inclined to treat the whole set as worthless if the copy process does not come through "clean". Is there some different procedure I can use to make this work?
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