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Found 4 results

  1. From time to time, I realize that I've seen no emails reporting backup successes or failures. I go to Retrospect (11.5.2 right now) and see that no scheduled backups are running when they *should* be, and they haven't run for a few days or a few weeks. Why does the engine fail so catastrophically? This is a *very serious issue*! I see a couple files in Console named RetroEngine_2014-11-18-233330_Tube.cpu_resource.diag and RetroEngine_2014-12-18-233356_Tube-2.cpu_resource.diag (the 2nd one was just generated after I rebooted my Mac Pro and forced the backups to start again by pausing and then resuming all jobs (because for some reason they wouldn't start automatically like they should've at 23:30). And now both backups are stuck at "Preparing to execute" even after 20 minutes. I've attached both logs. Anything else I can provide? I'm running 10.10.1, and I just turned off Instant Scan before the reboot, because I'd previously turned it off in an older version of Retrospect because I hate how much CPU and disk i/o it uses when I need it. Archive.zip
  2. I have been working on new backup sets on a new backup environment and am having major issues, I am hoping someone in the community can help me. My environment: Retrospect is installed on a virtual 2012 R2 server with 230 GB of free space on the C drive. It is backing up the virtual server, a File server with about 4.5 TB of data, one AD/DNS server, and one Mac client device. I have split each device into its own backup set and also have split up the file server into multiple sets to reduce the set size. This is all being backed up to a large 12 TB NAS. When backing up the system we have continuously gotten errors when backing up all sets. The common issue is Retrospect continues to lose the media and requests the media, this then stops the execution and nothing starts up again once I have given it new media. It was recommended that I rebuilding the catalog files which I did on all but one drive because it is the largest drive and would take days. After rebuilding the catalogs I continue to have errors where it freezes on building the snapshot. everything on the system runs fine, however the snapshot seems to freeze on the system. I have other backups running now to make sure that the issue happens on all of the backups, however I have found this issue on a multiple backups. I tested running the backups without building the snapshot and I do not have any issues, everything runs and everything is happy. Then I tried running the backup with building the snapshot and the backup froze again. Has anyone had this issue before? I am really lost on this issue and could use some help.
  3. Retrospect 11.5.3 keeps failing to run scheduled scripts. It'll run for a few days, then just fails without warning. Of course, I don't notice the lack of emails for a few days. This is very bad. I thought I asked for help about this before but got nothing. Tonight I launched Retrospect to check on something and noticed that nothing was running. It then started running today's scheduled scripts, except they never got around to actually doing anything - just sat there saying "Preparing to execute" for half an hour, which is much longer than they normally do that step. So I stopped them, but they never stopped either. Not even logging out and back in would fix that. I had to reboot, and even then I had to force it to shut down because something (and I'd bet ten bucks that something was Retrospect) was preventing it from shutting down. Fix this crap.
  4. I have a 2012 Mac Pro Server (3.2GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, 16GB RAM) running Mountain Lion Server 10.8.4 and Retrospect 10.1.0 (221). It's connected to a G-Tech G-Speed ES Pro 12TB (9TB RAID 5) connected via mini SAS to an ATTO ExpressSAS R680 and a Overland NEO 200s connected via fibre channel. I have been running Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups for the last 6+ months to LTO5 tape with no issues. Ran a couple simple and small test restores to a local second hard drive on the Mac Pro and that went fine. Now I've run into an issue that required me to re-format the external RAID and restore from tape backup. Should be easy using the previous weeks full weekly backup along with the daily incremental backups should put me very close to where I need to be. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me get Retrospect 10 to restore the data without going non-responsive most of the way through. I have had to force quit Retrospect multiple times and re-boot the server to restart it. I have 3.8TB to restore and the best I can get is about 3TB before it locks up. I have tried multiple times to "Restore only missing files" but the progress details show the entire 3.8 TB remaining. The entire restore should take roughly 8 hours but it never finishes. Retrospect support has helped with a few things but unfortunately I still need help and their support is closed on the weekends, unfortunately I don't have that luxury. Thanks in advance to any help I can get.
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