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Found 8 results

  1. I don't see anything in the forum about this, but it appears to me to be a serious bug. I cannot seem to "move" a disk media set. I have - many times in the past - moved a disk media set from one disk to another. Manually changing the path name in the "member" and/or rebuilding the catalog would restore the "moved" set to be usable. In Retro 14.6.1 (mac) _and_ Retro 12.6.1 (Windows) I am having the same problem. If the files of a disk media set are copied from one disk to another, it is not possible to "restore" it to health. It seems quite impossible. I've tried several permutations of repair, rebuild, manual manipulation of the path(s), and even removing the catalog before rebuild. The best I can do is get it to show "green" in the console and then when I try to use it, the execution gets stuck on "waiting for media". If I try to "find" the media (member(s)), it either ignores me (Mac) or fails with an error (Windows). Has anyone else seen this? I'm guessing it is a new bug in a recent upgrade, because this used to work. No, I have not tried to re-install an old version to see if that would work.
  2. Hi, Currently using Retrospect 9 (MacMini running Mavericks) to backup 10Tb Raid6 NAS (will be doubling if not trebling storage capacity in near future) and 5x clients using 2 separate backup cycles (8-week recycle + daily incrementals) to 2 separate external firewire 800 drives on a weekly rotation. NAS and clients connected with 1Gb ethernet. Recycle backups start at 6:00pm on a Sunday and are not finished when the company users come in on Monday morning. Are there any improvements in the hardware/network configuration that can improve the performance without breaking the bank? An incremental backup of some 70-80Gb of data has taken upwards of 5 hours to complete earlier this morning at a rate of just 580Mb/s. Are there any settings within Retrospect that can improve the performance? Any advice on how to achieve optimum network D2D backup performance would be greatly appreciated. tia
  3. So I am trying to understand how using multiple disk media sets with a normal backup script will work. Scenario: I have setup two disk media sets, A and B. I have created a backup script that has a schedule to backup to media set A on M, W, F. The same script that has another schedule to backup to media set B on T, Th, Sat. So what I am looking to figure out is if the backup script is striping the data across both media sets? Or is it simply copying all of the same data to both media sets on a rotating bases? The reason I ask is that the source volume is larger than the destination media sets. So, I would like to stripe the backups across both media sets to accommodate for the size difference. If the above scenario is not appropriate for this, how should I do it instead? Thanks!
  4. I ran into a problem backing up to a disk data set ("Users" on a FW drive) and needed to make the member "bigger". This was in the middle of a backup operation, and I didn't want to kill it, so I wanted to just edit the size of the existing member. Retro would not let me edit the single member in the set, but it would let me add another member, so I added a second member. I ended up with 2 members. One was limited to 186 GB, the other to 44 GB. I ran into a problem the next day with the backups, with multiple attempts to back up to this set, and each try I got: - 11/29/14 9:35:24 PM: Copying Databases !Catalog File out of sync with Media Set "Users". 11/29/14 9:35:59 PM: Execution incomplete I tried to "repair" the dataset, and it still did not work - same error. I tried the repair several times. The repair behaved badly, too. I could not get the "add member" dialog to show me the "1-users" and "2-users" members. It would only show me one "member" called "Users". Despite succesful "repairs", the subsequent attempts at backup all failed the same way. I ended up doing a media set copy to a temp media set, with the intention of copying the data back to "Users". When I did a recycle on "Users", I noted that the two members had the same size - 44 Gb. I enclose a screenshot, FWIW. I am now copying the data back to "Users". I'm confident that the recycled media set with one member will behave. Looks like a bug (or two) to me, but I don't know if I could reproduce it, tho. (sorry about the formatting - the forum doesn't seem to let me format the post)
  5. I've created a new media set (type: disk) named "ServerBackupDisk", with an external USB disk named "ServerBackupDisk1" and created a backup on this media set. Later I tried to add a second disk (same make/model) named "ServerBackupDisk2", but Retrospect wouldn't allow me to do this, saying "This disk is already a member of this media set." The second disk is _not_ showing in the list of media for the media set. I tried renaming the second disk to something less similar ("BackupB"), biut that didn't solve the problem. I ran the backup script to see if the disk was maybe added "invisibly" to the set, but no, it asked for the first disk. Does Retrocpsect maybe confuse the two disks because they are connected to the same USB port?
  6. I have a brand new 750GB USB3 hard drive, with no files on it, that I want to use for backup media. Get Info confirms the amount of free space on the drive. But when I create a new media set and point to that drive, Retrospect says that 100% of the drive's capacity is 697GB. I tried to change the 697 to 740, but it changed back into 697. How can I make Retrospect use the full capacity of the drive?
  7. I have noticed that the "disk" media sets have the full path of the members embedded somewhere, and if the data is moved, it is no longer accessible to retro 9.0.1. I did some experiments this morning with a small disk media set, backing up some data to it, then moving it, removing it from the media set list, and doing a "locate". Retro can find the catalog, and seems happy, until I try to restore from the media set. When I do, Retro wants its "member". I have tried all the combinations I can think of to sweet talk Retro into finding the slightly moved members, and I have been unable to get it to work. It appears that once any portion of the path to the data member has changed, Retro is unable to access it. Either some way should be provided to "find" these members, or Retro should warn you not to move them.
  8. OK, I give up. When I select a media set, the "recycle" button is made available to me in the "media sets" panel. I have 3 "disk" sets, and when I select them, the "recycle" is greyed out. Why? I have checked permissions, and that does not seem to be the problem. There is nothing unusual about these sets, except that both the catalog and the member data is on Firewire disk. The single "disk" set I had where the catalog file was on the "main" hard disk (in /Library/Application support/Retrospect) THAT one, I could recycle. Why is this button unavailable?
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