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Found 1 result

  1. I hit an assert just now. I had been dumping stuff to DDS tape, and was done. My tape drive is a USB DDS HP Dat-72 drive. I powered down the HP DDS tape drive, and engine asserted. I can send the whole log and whatever other info required if this is something worth chasing. The start of the assert log is: ********************************************************************^M ^M Mac OS X OS Type: Darwin OS Release: 12.6.0 OS Version: Darwin Kernel Version 12.6.0: Wed Mar 18 16:23:48 PDT 2015; root:xnu-2050.48.19~1/RELEASE_X86_64 Machine: x86_64 Model: Macmini6,1 NCPU's: 4 PhysMem: 0x400000000^M Application: /Library/Application Support/Retrospect/RetrospectEngine.bundle/Contents/MacOS/RetrospectEngine, version Exception occurred on 2/26/2016 at 3:52:14 PM^M Error info: Assertion failure at "module.cpp-1063", on threadID 0x103604000 Signal no: 30 Assertion Error no: 00 Sig Code: 00 Fault Addr: 0x000000009267D686 -- "mach_msg_trap" Thread ID: 0x000000000180D040, Name: rax:0x000000000100001f r8:0x0000000000000107 r12:0x0000000000000003 rip:0x00007fff9267d686 cs:0x0000000000000007 rflags:0x0000000000000206 rbx:0x0000000000000028 r9:0x0000000000000000 r13:0x00007fff5fbf9c10 rsp:0x00007fff5fbf9ba8 rbp:0x00007fff5fbf9bf0 rcs:0x00007fff5fbf9ba8 r10:0x00000000000003b0 r14:0x0000000000000107 rsi:0x0000000000000003 fs:0x0000000000000000 rdx:0x0000000000000028 r11:0x0000000000000206 r15:0x00000000000003b0 rdi:0x00007fff5fbf9c10 gs:0x0000000000000000 Module Function + offset into function Args _______________ ________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ libsystem_kernel mach_msg_trap +0xa libbedrock.dylib TAddress::Dereference(unsigned int) cons +0x21 libbedrock.dylib TStackIA64::backtrace() +0xf6 libbedrock.dylib TStackBase::BacktraceMach(unsigned int, +0x34 libbedrock.dylib DebugHandler::generateExceptionReport(__ +0x183 libbedrock.dylib DebugHandler::SignalHandler(int, __sigin +0x2f libbedrock.dylib DebugHandler::DebugHandler() +0x0 libsystem_c.dyli _sigtramp +0x1a CoreFoundation __CFRunLoopServiceMachPort +0xc3 CoreFoundation __CFRunLoopRun +0x436 CoreFoundation CFRunLoopRunSpecific +0x122 CoreFoundation CFRunLoopRun +0x61 libmeson.dylib cfRunLoopInTask(int) +0x13b libmeson.dylib doTask(long long, long long (*)(...), Mo +0x7ca libmeson.dylib TThread::TaskCall(long long, long long ( +0x515 libmeson.dylib TThread::CFRunMsgLoop(int) +0x36 libmeson.dylib doTask(long long, long long (*)(...), Mo +0x7ca libmeson.dylib TThread::TaskCall(long long, long long ( +0x515 libmeson.dylib mesonGo() +0x14d libmeson.dylib doTask(long long, long long (*)(...), Mo +0x7ca libmeson.dylib TThread::TaskCall(long long, long long ( +0x515 libmeson.dylib Meson(int) +0x11c RetrospectEngine main +0x573 RetrospectEngine start +0x34
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