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Found 9 results

  1. We are running Retrospect Single Server on a Mac Mini and backing up about 4 clients. We are a post production audio facility and one part of our Retrospect strategy is to do hourly copy operations of our audio work. I have an 18TB RAID on the server that I'm using as a destination for each of the drives. I'm using the copy strategy 'overwrite entire volume' because it doesn't copy stuff that hasn't changed, so it works well for us. However, on one machine, that strategy erased, or hid the source folder on the client, and did the same thing with the destination. I can still browse the source from within Retrospect, so it appears to still be there, but I can't see it in the Finder, thus making it useless. Anyone else ever run into this? This strategy is working fine on the other clients, but not this particular one. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. In Retrospect 13.0.1 (and possibly earlier versions), the Preview function in many cases does not display the correct files when using a saved Rule as the selection criterion in a Copy operation. Often, only a subset of the files that should be included are shown with a checkmark in the preview window, and actually with most of the rules I tested, no files at all are shown as being selected. If one proceeds with the copy operation without making any manual changes in the preview window, the actual copy seems to apply the selected rule correctly. The failure of the Preview function is very annoying, not least because this was the only way one used to be able to test the functioning of a rule without actually performing a backup or copy operation.
  3. Copying folders or disks with Retrospect 11.5 (Mac OS X 10.9.5) results in many cases in changed modification dates. With later copies these files are copied again and again whereas the originals were never changed. In addition I found that additional file info is not copied in at leas some cases. So the result is not a true clone. This is not a problem with access rights as they are identical. I enclose the information of an original file and the information of the file copied with Retrospect (different modification date, missing additional information). A similar problem existed with earlier versions of Retrospect and could be changed setting a parameter to restore modification dates in the hidden preferences (select preferences with option key). However, the relevant parameter is not there any more. Any idea how to produce a real clone with Retrospect 11?
  4. Hi, I am trying to copy/clone the latest "version" of every file in a collection of media sets. I figure since it's already backed up and compressed, I should be able to just grab the latest files and not have it take as long to do it. But there are two issues. One, they do not define what is meant by these terms: Copy most recent backups for each source Copy most recent backups for each selected source Copy selected backups Copy all backups Since I cannot select more than one source when running the copy backups utility, I assume "Copy most recent backups for each selected source" means "Copy most recent backups for THE ONE selected source" and "Copy most recent backups for each source" means it's going to copy the latest backup from every media set in the entire program? Also, does the "most recent backup" mean the most recent FILES from the backup, or only those files that happened to have gotten copied during the last backup (so files that were unchanged since the predeeding backups would not be there)? My brain is melting trying to unravel their documentation and take on logic. Thanks, Jeff ps- why do they sometimes "dim" and become unavailable?
  5. For some reason, all my scripts, on all my retrospect 9 installs, on separate Macs, no loger copy only the changed items. I am trying to have one way sync'd backups I want to copy only the changed files from Drive A to Drive B, so I have an exact copy of Drive A on Drive B. Can someone run me through how to redo these types of backups gain please. Like I say, they worked fine, than, after no OS X up[dates, they no longer work. Thank you.
  6. Hi, I've been using a copy script to backup from a NAS(ext4) to an external HD (HFS format). The operation completed and took nearly 9 hours for about 95,000 files. On verification roughly 80 files show a compare error "different data size". Is this to be expected when copying between different filesystems? Would I be better off with a backup script rather than copy, which I only used as I didn't want an incremental backup? Thanks
  7. (environment retro 10.2.0 (201) running on mac os x 10.8.x on mac mini, 4 core) I am following a sort of "manual grooming" path with my backups. I keep a couple of "current" sets, and copy off specific backups to a separate media set, and copy that off to tape. For instance, I have "myset"(disk), and "myset_2013"(file). I run the backups weekly to "myset" and then use a "copy backup" to copy just one backup per month to "myset_2013". Sometimes "myset" has several months of backups, so I do a "copy backup" operation and "copy selected backups" to copy just the backups I want to the "2013" set. In the past, this seems to have been working. Yesterday, I tried to do this, and ran into a problem selecting more than one backup on a media set for retrieval. (you can't copy the sets unless they are "retrieved". Today, I had a more alarming result. I did the "copy backup" operation and it resulted in a media set that appeared to contain no backups. I verified it - OK I "repaired" it. - OK I "rebuilt" it - THAT restored the backups in the output media set. This means three things to me. 1. THe copy backup operation can sometimes produce a corrupted output. Note that the log for this copy operation did not indicate any errors, but the "yellow triangle" DID appear on the "activity" when it was done. 2. The "verify" operation does not verify an important aspect of media set integrity. 3. A rebuild op will rescue the media set.
  8. Version: Retrospect 10.0.1 Media Set Type: Disk My on-site backups (OSX 10.6.8 XServe Xeon) to attached storage (Drobo) function without any problems. For off-site storage, I added a AFP Share to the Source list that comes from my off-site AFP server (OSX 10.6.8 XServe Xeon) with attached storage (Drobo). I can successfully Browse the contents of and create Disk Media Sets to the off-site Share from within the Retrospect console. My intention is to use a Copy Media Set script to make a weekly copy of my on-site Media Sets to the off-site location. However, when I start the Copy Media Set script, I'm always prompted with Needs Media. When I click the Choose Media button, the window says Can't find '1-myoffsitemediaset'. Locate Member or add a new one. I can clearly see the 1-myoffsitemediaset and I can use the Add button to make a new one, but the script still says Needs Media. Additional details: -The Catalogs for my on-site and off-site disk media sets are saved on my on-site server. -A restart to the on-site and off-site server has no effect. -I deleted the script, Disk Media Set, Catalog and recreated them all w/o success. -I've successfully used this method on a previous Retrospect 8.2 server but it became unreliable with 9 50% of the time (same Needs Media error). I upgraded to 10 in hopes it would work again. If my approach to making an off-site copy of the Media Set's is flawed, do you have any suggestions? Attached is a screenshot of the Summary screen to this particular script.
  9. I am copying rebuilt Retro 6 tapes to a disk media set, and have requested data compression in the "options" in the script doing the copy. The resultant copy works, but the resultant disk media set is larger than expected and the status window in "activities" says data compression is "OFF". It appears that Retro 9 ( is ignoring my request for data compression
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