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Found 8 results

  1. This is a cosmetic problem, but should be noted and fixed. If you scroll the dashboard up and down lines appear at the bottom of the window. They are erased in a second or two. They appear to be an off-by-one error in the scrolling code. I include a couple of screen shots showing the problem. I'm running Retro, Mac OS X 10.8.5
  2. What's new with 11.5.1? Have update notes been posted somewhere? I assume it's bug fixes, but it'd be nice to know what has been fixed. Thanks.
  3. Retro 10.2.0 (221) I think I can reproduce this at will. I back up a source, and then turn around and try to restore it. The backup does not appear in the list of backups to select for the restore script. The latest backup also does not appear in the list of "past backups". If I stop and re-start the console, the backup is there. Cosmetic - as long as you know it's not actually missing - but annoying. I've tried various strategies to "refresh" the display, but nothing seems to do it short of restarting the console.
  4. When I do certain operations, like try to mount an nfs mount point from the "add sources" pane in the console, the machine that is running the engine can put up a dialog on the screen, and the operation on the machine running the console hangs. The console can not proceed until the dialog is dismissed. The most recent case of this is mounting NFS from that "add source" dialog, but I know I have seen this before. It is not obvious that you have to have access to the "screen" of the engine-local system to operate the remote console, but in some cases, you do. A remote console should never put up a dialog on the engine's machine that the user of the console can't see.
  5. Problem Description: I've just added several TB to the NAS volume that holds some of my backups. The updated size is not reflected in the console, which displays the original size and free space from the day the share was added. As a side effect, attempting to create a new Disk-based media set on this volume or editing a disk set member limits the size to the original amount of free space on the volume. To work around the issue, it is necessary to delete the network share and recreate it with identical settings. Steps to Reproduce: Fill up a network share (AFP or SMB) to 900GB of 1TB Add the network share to Retrospect Add 1TB of storage to share (eg migrate to new storage) or delete 500 GB of data Attempt to create new Disk-based Media Set with 500GB of space on it Desired Result: Can create media set that will consume all available space at time of backup, or media set that is limited by new available space Actual Result: Media Set is limited to 100 GB, or 100% of old free space. Workaround: Delete share. Recreate with same settings. Desired Behavior: Allow the "Refresh" button to update the share's space usage. Environment Details: Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) on MacOS 10.6.8 Shares are AFP (netatalk) and SMB (samba) hosted on ZFS volumes from FreeBSD box
  6. When the 10.0 console is connected to a 9.0 engine, it occasionally offers to upgrade the engine by putting up a dialog box. For some of my installs, the connection is pretty slow, and doing the upgrade would be dicey at best, and in any case, the last thing I want is to "accidentally" hit "return" on one of these dialogs, and start an upgrade process that I may or may not be able to abort before it does something I don't want. I have not experimented with this, for obvious reasons. I don't think the engine should make these offers that can so easily be accepted. At minimum, there should be a way to "turn them off". Some of my installs will be stuck on v9 for some time, and the whining from the console will be an unnecessary annoyance. Yes, the console should be able to upgrade the engines, but the operation is very rare, and should be explicit.
  7. I have changed my local IPs, so I had to re-add the engine(s) to the instance of the Retro 10.0.1 (105) console running on my laptop. i added the "local" engine first by deleting the two engines I had in the left sidebar. I added the local engine with the new IP and passwd. I added the "tunnel" engine(s) and tested one, then "killed" the tunnel, causing the second engine to disconnect from the console. At that point, the panels in the left sidebar of the console for the local machine (virtue) disappeared. I waited a while, and it did not come back. I noticed that the CPU was in a tight loop on the laptop. I did a sample from Activity Monitor, and have included a snap of the console window, and the sample text. You should be able to figure out where it's stuck. Enjoy. Sample of Retrospect.txt
  8. i'm running retro v10 console on my server, connected to the local retro engine and roughly every 5 mins, the console "blanks out", acting as though it has just restarted itself. it jumps up to the top level default display. from the log view within the retro console app, it appears that this is happening every 5 mins give or take a few seconds, with occasional "skips" where the interval is roughly 10 mins. in the console log view, i also see one odd msg of the form: "StucOpen: IOCreatePlugInInterfaceForService(kIOMMCDeviceUserClientTypeID) (error -536870210)". also, i had been away for a while and came back to the machine to find the console app had crashed. i have the crashdump and can post if it is useful. in this situation i'm running the latest retrospect v10 console and engine (installed ~4 days ago). the retro engine is running locally on the same box as the retro console. my system is running mac os x 10.6.8 server. in the system console on the machine, i see bunches of msgs at 5 minute intervals of the form "Server::updateScriptsCache exception: MacRequestor::Request: connection closed by remote endpoint" or " and other similar msgs involving updateSetsChangeCounter, updateSelectorsCache, etc. i'll post these log records as an attachment - it actually looks like there might be a lot of different things going on there that don't look familiar, including some scary-looking assertion failures - hmmm... RetroEngine or Retrospect.txt
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