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Found 11 results

  1. Running Retrospect 9.5 for Windows, have been doing encrypted backups to external drives. The PC that was running Retrospect crashed and we've had to re-install WIndows and all the applications, including Retrospect 9.5. I have a bunch of RDB files in a sub-folder on an external drive. How do I re-create the database and restore files from this backup set? I do have the encryption key handy. I tried copying the folder with all the files to the PC, then trying to recreate the catalog but when navigating to the copied folder, it shows nothing and I have no OK button to click, just cancel. Lost and need some help. Thanks!
  2. Am I correct that there is no way to see what backup data is on a particular tape in a tape set? I would like to mark as "missing" a couple tapes at the end of the backup set (though they aren't really missing), but I don't know where the last backup ends that I want to keep on the tape set. Dan J
  3. Is it possible to get Retrospect (11.5.3) to compress the catalog for a disk media backup set without doing a backup to the set or having the backup disks mounted? I have the catalog for last year's backups uncompressed and at 72BG I am sure I can save a useful amount of disk space by turning on compression in the media set settings, but I doubt ticking the 'Keep Catalog compressed' button will trigger compression of the catalog. The disks containing backups are in the cupboard and I would prefer to avoid having to unmount this year's disks just to get the catalog compressed. Thanks for any tips on how to get this done.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a pickle here! About a year ago i switched from Retrospect 8 using LTO2 tapes to retrospect 11 using LTO4 tapes. Because i have a library of about 100 tapes i never bothered to copy all the old LTO2 tapes to the new LTO4 tapes. I just kept 1 system that uses Retrospect 8 and has all the catalog files on it, stupid as i am i never made a backup of the catalog files. A few days ago the old system(that has all the catalog files) crashed and the catalogs seem to have been lost in the process. Does anyone know if there is a way to access/offload the files that are on the tapes without the catalog files? Your help would be much appreciated! Kind regards, Jordi Wolters
  5. Retrospect 8.5 crashed hard, and corrupted the configXX.dat file over the weekend. I tried restoring this, but was unsuccesful. I had to obtain the product license keys and basically start over with everything. There are only 2 backup sets (servers, and servers2) backup set "servers" was recycled before the crash, and only backed up for about 2 hours (meaning it only has 2 hours worth of backup data altogether) backup set "servers2" seems to still be intact and as it was (meaning all of the .rdb files are still in their original location) I succesfully recataloged "servers" with no issues. However when I perform the same steps on "servers2" I get the error message: "The Backup Set data file name is invalid, cannot recatalog the set using these files" Any input or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I work for a school running Retrospect 8 on an Apple 10.6.8 server (set up by a prior IT person who is no longer here). This server backs up the other servers and the backups are stored on an attached Drobo. The backups had not been working for a while and upon investigation the internal HD of the server was filling up each night when the backups occurred. I researched and moved the Catalog folder to the Drobo, assuming that was getting large. That worked for a few days but now we're getting the disk full warnings at night again, though when I check the next morning there's plenty of free space so there must be temporary files clogging things up. My Google-Fu is escaping me. We have about 120 GBs free on the internal drive, but every night when the backups attempt to run that internal drive fills up and then empties again. I'd like to move any files that expand greatly in size during backup to the Drobo (which has several TB's free and is set up in a mirrored RAID). My current suspicions lie with Config80.dat, Config80.bak and RtrExec.dir which all live in their default location of /Library/Application Support/Retrospect. Which of those do you think is causing this and can I move them to the Drobo? Thanks so much for your help!!
  7. Retrospect 8 for Mac is not completing backup and giving the following error. "Can't save catalor, error -108 (not enough memory)" It was working fine and nothing changed, but last 2 weeks it is giving me this error for the weekly full backup. It works on daily backup. Tape library is just fine and have enough empty tapes in it. Mac server 10.4 has 8 GB RAM and nothing else running. Total volumes need to backup 1.2 TB The backup script has 5 shared volumes to backup. It finishes first 3 and then it stops at number 4 generating this error. The total number of files is about 2 millions. As I said, it worked with all of this just fine. But now it is not working for last 2 weekends. Any idea? Thanks
  8. Is it possible to recover data from a Retrospect 5 app. installed on a PC running Windows XP, from a catalog file created while the Retrospect was used on a G4 running 9.2? I copied the Mac catalog file to the PC and it doesn't show in the Retrospect dialog box. I would have hoped the catalog, as a simple index, would have been recognized by the PC. Because of a faulty Dat drive using DDS3 tapes (4mm 12-24Gb), I have difficulty finding a refurbished Dat drive working on a Mac platform, while for PC, picking one is a breeze. Comments anyone. Of course no need to mention that we do backup to HD now. Thanks
  9. Hello! We backup our work projects using a LTO tape drive and Retrospect 9. Is there a way to scan a tape to see its content? In a terminal maybe? We had this backup computer using Retrospect 6 but it's dead now. We bought a new computer and new LTO tape drive (went from LTO 3 to 5). I am trying to figure a way to rebuild an old catalog, but by splitting its members (tapes) into different catalogs. The original one had over a hundred members (bad idea) and rebuilding the whole thing would take a couple lifetimes. I would love to be able to see the content of the tapes because we don't need all of our old projects. Maybe I could skip a few tapes and save some time that way. Thank you!
  10. I'm trying to rebuild the catalog from a spanned Retrospect 5 backup set which is on tape. From the Retrospect for Windows version 7.7 help file, "For a Backup Set created with Retrospect 5.0 or 5.1, it requests the first member of the set. " I don't have the first member of the set available. Does that mean I'm out of luck? Note, when I try to start the rebuild with any of the other tapes the choice to skip the first tape is greyed out.
  11. Hi, I am trying to rebuild my catalog but 2 media members are missing. I add all of the members into the new 'catalog' that is to be rebuild except the missing members. When the rebuild reaches the missing members, the media button asks for the missing items - even though they are not part of the set I added to the catalog rebuild. There is no 'skip' or 'mark as lost' or any other tool like this it seems to allow the media catalog to be rebuilt. Please help! Thanks
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