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Found 9 results

  1. Just for information to others who may have experienced this same issue. Since Jan 21 2021 my scheduled tasks ... Duplication and Backup on Windows 10 1909 failed to launch. No errors recorded Retrospect simply failed to auto launch to perform my scheduled Backup and Duplication jobs which it had been doing successfully for years. The only thing I can suggest is that a Windows security update on Jan 21st somehow interfered with the auto launch of Retrospect on my PC. The Retrospect services Retrospect helper and Retrospect Launcher were both set normally to Automatic and running normally. No errors were reported on these services at all, yet the auto-launch simply failed to happen each day. (I experimented by manually restarting these services but the issue remained.) Running Retrospect interactively resulted in the scheduled tasks running as soon as Retrospect was open. This is for my older version of Retrospect : I suspect that Security intelligence updates for Microsoft Defender Antivirus and other Microsoft antimalware KB2267602 Version 1.329.2549.0 was the cause. That's the only thing that happened to my system on the last day that my jobs fired successfully. However, following the installation of the optional update to Windows January 21, 2021—KB4598298 (OS Build 18363.1350) Preview ... which I installed yesterday ... my scheduled Retrospect tasks are now firing up as normal again. Food for thought.
  2. Retrospect 11.5 under Windows 10, 64 bit does not find my LTO-5, HP Ultrium 3000 drive. Windows 10 is up-to-date. The hardware is an HP Z620 workstation with an LSI 9207-8e HBA. The HBA and tape drive show up in Windows Device Manager. The tape drive is also identified quickly by "HP Library and Tape Tools" and passes all tests. Since having the problem with Retrospect I installed the "HPE OpenStore Standalone" LTFS application as a test. It also picks up the tape drive immediately without any difficulties. I have re-installed Retrospect several times and under the Configure/Devices, Environment tab, I have "refreshed" devices numerous times, but no improvement. In the past, Retrospect was finding the drive (although intermittently) but it is now a consistent fail. I previously was using an LSI-9200-8e HBA and had the same problem so I upgraded to the 9207-8e, but it has made no difference. This seems to be a Retrospect problem specifically, because it is only Retrospect that cannot find the drive. Help, please. Andy
  3. Hello, I am using images in this post in hopes that it will clarify what I am doing. I apologize if they don't do that. Please let me know if any further info is required. I'm using Retrospect Version 10.5: I am trying to restore my Windows 10 PC from a backup, because I could no longer boot into Windows 10 when when powering on. I am using the Retrospect Recovery CD. I first tried to restore over the original windows installation, but that failed with the same errors and I still could not boot into Windows. So I deleted the Windows partition and reinstalled Windows from a Windows installation CD. I can now boot into Windows 10. I then used the Retrospect Recovery CD and attempted to restore the Windows drive from my backup set (named "Archive_Drive"). I configure the restore options as the image below shows: Within minutes after starting the restore, I get a dialog box that states "Warning: All data on the following volumes will be lost:" The volume is the drive that contains the backup set used to restore the drive: At this point I cancel the operation. I have tried renaming the Windows drive letter to "C:" but the same dialog box appears. I don't want to click "OK" since I fear that it will wipe out my backup set files! Here is a list of the drive configuration (from the Retrospect Recovery CD "Configure drives" option): I am restoring to the "G:" drive. Any help is appreciated. Greg Noelken
  4. The title says it all. Retrospect runs but when I attempt to start the dashboard to see what's going on first I get the usual WIndows window wondering if I really really really want to run the program; when I say yes the cursor goes into the busy mode for 10 seconds or so and then poof - nothing. There's no indication in the task manager that the dashboard is running either. Does anyone have a solution?
  5. Hi, Has anyone else having issues installing latest version of the Retrospect Client for Windows on a Windows 10 pro 64bit computer?. Client install just hangs at 0% progress during install. Running the msi has registry failure pop ups and then stops at the same point. Installing client on 3x different Windows 10 computers also fail. Run as local administrator does not resolve. Mark
  6. Retrospect Client 10.5.0 (110) on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 10586.14 I am submitting this to maybe assist others who encounter the same issues because AFAIK our Client system is “vanilla”. Windows 10 was clean installed on the Client, not as an upgrade. On the Client the Windows Event Viewer/Application log showed VSS 8194 “Errors” during Retrospect backup (ie not merely “Warnings” nor “Information”) This VSS issue was resolved by applying Rich_B_72’s solution . However then CAPI2 513 “Errors” became visible in the Client’s Windows Event Viewer/Application log during Retrospect backup. This CAPI2 issue was resolved by applying Fearless96’s version of the solution suggested by szz43.
  7. I have updated several of my computers to Windows 10. On one machine I had recently installed Retrospect 10 and then upgraded the machine to Windows 10. The Retrospect client transferred to the new operating system without a problem. On two other machines I did a clean install of Windows 10. I have tried to run the Retrospect Client installation program on each of these machines, but the install program hangs at the 'Installing Retrospect Client 10.0' screen. The status bar remains empty for several minutes until finally I get a new screen with a message that 'the wizard was interrupted before Retrospect Client 10.0 could be completely installed'. I have tried installing as an administrator and tried installing in Windows 8 Compatibility Mode. But I can never get past the 'Installing ...' screen. How do I proceed to install the Retrospect 10.0 Client on a Windows 10 machine?
  8. Trying to create disaster recovery disk after upgrade to windows 10. Get this Can't continue execution, error -1023 (already exists) Happens with both creation on thumb drive and on hard drive. Kinda cryptic as no other messages, descriptions or errors appear. Anyone seeing this error? Regards
  9. I have a Surface Pro 3 originally running Windows 8.1. Retrospect client 8.1.0 (266) has run pretty much flawlessly now for some months. The server is Windows 7 also running Retrospect 8.1.0 (266). I "upgraded" to Windows 10 and Retrospect no longer works. When I launch a backup it seems to find all the files to be copied and then when it starts copying the files over the Ethernet, Retrospect hangs and eventually errors out. Strangely, the wired Ethernet on the Surface Pro 3 becomes unusable until I unplug and replug the cable. I disconnected the wired Ethernet and switched over to the WiFi. Retrospect backups appear to work over the WiFi. I should be able to get by with the WiFi, but prefer wired since its faster and more secure. This probably not a Retrospect problem. Anyway I thought I would post it here to see if anyone else has had a problem like this. Thanks in advance for any clues. Bignordique
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