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Found 16 results

  1. Good Morning, I have been engaged in a long project to design a way to harden a Synology NAS so it can be used with Retrospect to make it ransomware-proof. I decided early on that I should make notes. Good thing. This is the result of months of work, and I hope it's useful to many users and dealers. Please leave notes and critiques, which I'll try to address as we go along. Good Luck, Mark Hardened Synology NAS.pdf
  2. Greetings! Running Retrospect Server 16.6.0 (114) on a MacPro trashcan updated to Catalina 10.15.3. Currently there are no 'client' machines, I'm simply backing up 5 shared volumes on a Synology RS2414rp+ (also current DSM) to LTO-6. I've added the shares via Sources using 'afp://myFileServer.local/Share_Name', and set it to log in using a registered user with admin privileges. The shares all show up in Sources with the green status indicator. Backup scripts are set up to run after hours, and I've got a 5-member media set, two blanks, and a cleaning tape in my 8 slot robot. All Good, right? Nope. Shortly after a script starts, Retro begins scanning. Then it hangs and I get a macOS system alert saying the server is shutting down. After that, my Retro log fills with 'file not found' errors and nothing gets backed up. Checking the Sources pane after this, the target volume shows as disconnected. Status goes green again via either Browse button or Locate. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  3. I am having problems with one backup script. I regularly do a file backup alternately to two different NAS drives. Yesterday, the script for one of the drives failed, saying it could not find the disk. I went to the backup set properties, and it showed the address as \\N7700PRO\Backup\Backup. The correct address is just \\N7700PRO\Backup. I selected the properties, picked advanced, and entered the correct address. It showed in the window. I closed the properties dialog. However, when I immediately opened the properties dialog, it had the old, wrong address again. I cannot get it to save the correct address. The index file exists, and the full backup set is still at the correct address on the NAS drive. The other backup script, for a Synology NAS, still works fine. It is identical except for the disk address. I have noticed a few times in the last few weeks that I had to enter the password for the N7700PRO script as it was executing. I attached a shot of the backup set properties after I made the change and then opened properties again. Please let me know how I can get around this problem. This is the first time in many years I have had such an issue. I know you changed how remote drives are processed in the latest update, and I wonder if that is related. Thanks. I am running Retrospect Desktop on Windows 10 1903.
  4. Hi, I have a Drobo 5N as a NAS backup destination. It is setup in Retrospect (15.0 Mac). Backing up media sets onto it (its works in a D-D-D setup) has been working fine. However it is occasionally saying it can not find the media set required. When I go and browse the NAS drive it shows the "Retrospect" folder but will not show the contents of it - as if the folder is empty. When I change the name of the top level folder from "Retrospect to, say, "xRetrospect" it shows the contents fine. When I then change back it doesn't. I have worked around this by keep the name changed to "Retrospect Media Sets" but I would like to understand why this is happening. After all thew folder in question was automatically created by Retrospect when I created the first media set on the drive. Thanks, Francis
  5. Hi guys. I'm wondering why I don't see my NAS as a target destination for backups. I have the NAS mounted using SMB in OSX Sierra. My NAS is a Synology running DSM6.1. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hello, I have Retrospect version 11 running on Windows 10. I back up to a NAS drive every day, proactively and Groom once a week proactively. Right now I have an error message "Sorry server login failed, error 1019 (not enough resources) Please try using Explorer to Connect" I am able to access this drive via Explorer and there is plenty of space on the drive. The problem is that I am stuck in an infinite loop: I OK the message but it just pops right back...I can't get out of it. I can't even stop Restrospect except by use of the Windows Task Manager. What's the problem? How do I get out of this loop? Thanks
  7. Hi, just upgraded to v12 and hit a snag. I have 2 media sets, 1 on a NAS the other an External Drive. When running a backup script which would save to a media set on my NAS I get the message 'Waiting for media' and there is a choose media button. I'm not sure how to select my old media sets that reside on the NAS. Further when I look at the NAS media set, the location now points to the external drive?? I know that my earlier backups were saving to the NAS, how do I update the media set location information? Any idea? Thanks
  8. I have a single media set with 2 members, each member being on a different NAS share. The total size of the backed up data being 4.5 TB. Recently when restoring files we have had the "needs media" error come up. I am using a Mac for the server and client, and I am not mounting the NAS shares in the Finder. But I can independently access the shares on another computer to check that files are present. Verifying the Media Set eventually gives the needs media error. I don't attempt to Choose media, as I know that way lies madness. The usual operator selected Choose Media while restoring and inadvertently littered the share with new folders/members that contain nothing. Repairing the Media Set allows me to select the members. It tells me how many files are in each, and the verification lasts for just 1 second and proclaims success, but really nothing has changed thereafter. Restores still fail. Rebuilding allows me to select the members, review information about them, and the rebuilding process begins, but stops with "needs media". I have removed and added both shares to the Sources list also, and tried the above again. The shares are accessed via SMB. I have closed down other networking services on these shares. I am running Retrospect 10.1 on a Mac OSX 10.6.8, backing up to 2 Samba shares running on two identical QNAP NAS devices. My next step seems to be to put transfer the media to local USB disks and try to rebuild from there. A lot of data to throw about, so this is getting time consuming as well as futile. I would be grateful for any bright ideas to resolve this issue.
  9. One of our backups goes off-site to a NAS box and I need to limit the bandwidth of Retrospect backups to that location as we use this connection for other, higher priority data. Does anybody know if it's possible to throttle the speed to one of our three NAS backup devices using Retrospect Server 10.5? Mac Pro 10.6 running Retrospect Server 10.5 3 - LaCie 5Big Network 2
  10. Hi, I've been using a copy script to backup from a NAS(ext4) to an external HD (HFS format). The operation completed and took nearly 9 hours for about 95,000 files. On verification roughly 80 files show a compare error "different data size". Is this to be expected when copying between different filesystems? Would I be better off with a backup script rather than copy, which I only used as I didn't want an incremental backup? Thanks
  11. When backing up some btrieve database files on a buffalo nas, using retrospect 10.1 mac (open file backup NOT running), I successfully back up several hundred of these files every night from a single directory, but I have a handful of important files that won't back up, giving me "can't read. error -1017 insufficient permissions". I know 3 of these files ARE open, and I don't expect them to be backed up. I've used Retrospect for 20 years and know there are several reasons for this error and I've tracked through them. These files are not open, not in use, not locked, and their ownership and permissions setup is identical to the several hundred other files in that directory that do back up nightly without a problem. Any ideas?
  12. I am using Retrospect 10.1.0 (221) on a MacMini to back up several Mac clients as well as three NAS devices. I have two (Synology) NAS in my LAN, both with different IP addresses. I experience several strange behaviours, probably all related to the same underlying problem: I add NAS 1 as a source with afp://IP_address_NAS_1/share_A --> Share A is correctly mounted as a source in Retrospect I would like to add my second NAS 2 with afp://IP_address_NAS_2/share_B --> Instead of mounting my second NAS under "sources", the "machine name" of NAS 1 is changed to the machine name of NAS 2. No second share is mounted In order to narrow down the problem, I tried several things: If I remove NAS 1 as a source in Retrospect and then try to add NAS 2, Retrospect adds again NAS 1. However, with the IP address of NAS 2 but with the share name of NAS 1. I can only add NAS 2 if I power down NAS 2 --> I am able to add each NAS independently, hence the login process to each NAS seems to work fine. Unfortunately, I can not add both NAS as sources in Retrospect I added NAS 1 with afp://IP_address_NAS_1/share_A. Alle fine. If I want to add a second shared with afp://IP_address_NAS_1/share_B, Retrospect does not do anything --> it seems that the number of possible NAS sources is somehow limited to one There was a posting late March, which seems to point in a similiar direction, but I did never see a resolution: http://forums.retros...and-nas-shares/ Any hints are greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tom
  13. I have just started backing a 4TB USB disk (with 1.9 TB of data) to a NAS disk using a new install of Retrospect 10. I added the 4.5 TB NAS disk as a share and added it as a disk media set containing just one member, configured to use 90% of the available space. The backup got a good way through the process of backing up (1.7 TB) but then threw up an error saying "needs media". I created a new member to the set on the same disk, and it finished the backup after a couple of retries. However, running the backup again it keeps demanding new media, even though the disk is not half full. As far as I can see it is configured to append to the media set, not to try to start on a new member. I wonder if I am missing something fundamental that is causing it to fail. I have read through the documentation but can't find anything that addresses this, as the "needs media" error seems to be more related to tape drives. Any help appreciated!
  14. I have been trying to get several AFP shares to work. I have several local machines running Mac OS X, and a couple of NetBSD servers running Netatalk. The problem I have is that once I choose a "source" at a particular URL - afp://mercy/backup, for instance, that is the ONLY volume that retro will mount. No matter the URL I give to retro, it will only mount that share. If I unmount the share (from inside retro) and re-mount a different AFP volume, I can "browse" the contents, and I get the "other" volume. Sometimes I can get a second volume to mount. However, the data (if I browse the content) is actually the "stuck" volume. On occassion, I can mount a second volume while the first is still mounted, but the volume name comes up as a duplicate of the "stuck" one. it appears that restarting the engine can *sometimes" free up retro to mount a different volume without unmounting the "stuck" one, but the name of the volume is always the same as the stuck one (regardless of what volume I choose) This is a pretty serious bug. It makes it impossible to put these NAS shares on a backup schedule.
  15. How do you set up a NAS configuration on disk space provided by an internet provider The manual says to install a Retrospect Client software, but the only options are Mac, Win or Linux when I want to set up a NAS on disk space of which I don't know what OS is being used and I imagine uses none of these.
  16. I am evaluating Retrospect server, it is working ok for backing up the Server 2008 to a Tandberg RDX Quikstation. We also need to backup data kept on a Buffalo Linkstation, wondering if this is even possible as I am not finding a way to do it. Is there a client for the Linkstation? Any way to do it without a client?
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