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Found 8 results

  1. We have a new LTO 6 and I have connected the new storage device. You can see this within the Retrospect software 'Storage Devices'. However, when I kick of a LTO back up I can not see a way to select that device specifically. How do i know if the back up is being processed through the new device? At the moment the activity suggested it is backing up (with the running blue and white bars, it hasn't started properly yet.) The status has the spinning arrow wheel. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I need some advices regarding my dailies workflow. Every week or so I receive video footage from the director and I need to make an extra back-up of this footage, while the overall filming has not been completed. Fast and cheap, durable. After the entire project has been completed I can remove and re-use the LTO backup for the next project. I already have an LTO5 setup and use Retrospect 9 w/ Tandberg HH on a Mac Pro v2013. Questions: 1) I incidentally need to access the LTO5 tape, but hopefully not too much, in case data is lost. I also want to re-use the LTO5 tape after the project has been completed. Is it better to use an HDD (easier access) in this scenario or LTO5 (faster/bit cheaper/smaller -> can put it in a safe). I don't need long-term storage. Only for the duration of the project. 2) Normally I don't use verification at all after the LTO5 has been written to and completed, to save time. Is it recommended to use verification of the LTO5 backup w/ Retrospect or does it verify and write data at the same time w/ Retrospect? What is the error ratio if not verified? 3) Does it matter if I use $20 LTO5 tapes (Imation/HP..) or $50 LTO5 tapes? 4) Does the LTO5 tape withstand freezing temperatures or heat (down to -10 Celsius / up to 35 Celsius) if I want to store the tape for eg in my outdoor barn to spread backups? Many thanks! Rob
  3. Retrospect has long had an annoying issue with tape media sets where it doesn't consistently display a reasonable estimate of total tape capacity for each individual member. "Reasonable" for LTO tapes would mean a displayed capacity of 1.3 TB for an LTO-4 tape, 2.6 TB for an LTO-5 tape, etc. What Retrospect did was to list the total capacities based on the tape type of the largest member that was written to, which could easily lead to some anomalies. For example, in the case where members 1 and 2 were LTO-4 tapes, the total capacity of each member would first be displayed appropriately as 1.3 TB. However, if an LTO-5 tape were then used for member 3, the total capacity of that member would correctly be shown as 2.6 TB, but the displayed total capacity of the previous two members would each also change to 2.6 TB. A much worse version of this problem seems to have been introduced in Retrospect 12. Now, if the locked status of a tape media set is switched by changing the "remember password" option and saving the change, the displayed total tape capacity for each member will ratchet upwards with every transition of the media set's locked status. This screenshot shows the current display for a tape media set that originally showed the total capacity of each member as being the expected 2.6 TB, but now shows them as each having a capacity of 24.4 GB! This bug may be linked to the media set locked status bug reported here.
  4. I should preface this by saying that we can't upgrade to a newer version of Retrospect until we upgrade our server as we're running the latest version that it compatible with our server software (Avid Isis 3.1.x) so we're stuck on 7.7 for the immediate future. Our LTO 5 drive (HP Ultrium 3000 SAS) was giving us increasingly more issues, really slow backups and the end result of all my research was that it appeared the tape heads were giving out so we ended up buying a new LTO 6 drive (HP Ultrium 6250 SAS) which has worked great for new backups on the LTO 5 tapes we have left. The problem that we're running into is that when we try to do a normal backup onto a tape that was initially written by the old drive the new one asks for a new tape, even though there should be plenty of space left on the tape. So if I do a recycle backup it works fine and doesn't require a second tape, but if this is going to happen for all of the old backups then we're going to spend a great deal more time on this than I'd like. When I tried the last one I clicked on the properties of the tape itself and Retrospect showed a media error on the tape I was trying to use for the normal backup, although the logs from when that backup was first created didn't show any errors. Is this a common problem going from a tape written by an LTO 5 drive to trying to write on the same tape with an LTO 6 drive? Or have we just been unlucky in the 2 or 3 that we've tried this with so far? Sorry if that was rambling on a bit, I just wanted to be as clear about the situation as I could. I'm hoping that we'll upgrade our server later this year and then be able to use the newest version of Retrospect but until then I have to find a way to make our current configuration work.
  5. The first LTO-6 products are starting to get available (finally). We plan to move to a Tandberg T40+ Library with a new Tandberg LTO-6 HH (FC) drive using Retrospect Multiserver on OS X. Is there already a timing or a time frame when we can expect LTO-6 support?
  6. Can anyone know let me know the best backup performance to tape they have achived with retrospect 9. Im running V8.2 using MacPro, SAS LTO5 + dual 4Gb fibre SAN source. Best I see is about 60MB/s using retrospect. Evaluating Prestore + Bru on the same hardware I was seeing 120-140MB/s to tape. Retrospect V8 IS the bottleneck. Is V9 any faster?
  7. Can anyone know let me know the best backup performance to tape they have achived with retrospect 9. Im running V8.2 using MacPro, SAS LTO5 + dual 4Gb fibre SAN source. Best I see is about 60MB/s using retrospect. Evaluating Prestore + Bru on the same hardware I was seeing 120-140MB/s to tape. Retrospect V8 IS the bottleneck. Is V9 any faster?
  8. Hello! We backup our work projects using a LTO tape drive and Retrospect 9. Is there a way to scan a tape to see its content? In a terminal maybe? We had this backup computer using Retrospect 6 but it's dead now. We bought a new computer and new LTO tape drive (went from LTO 3 to 5). I am trying to figure a way to rebuild an old catalog, but by splitting its members (tapes) into different catalogs. The original one had over a hundred members (bad idea) and rebuilding the whole thing would take a couple lifetimes. I would love to be able to see the content of the tapes because we don't need all of our old projects. Maybe I could skip a few tapes and save some time that way. Thank you!
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