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Found 6 results

  1. Version 13.0.1 (106) I have a Media Set with 'Groom to keep this number of backups: 2' set. But the Backups tab shows six. See attached screenshot. I Groomed the media set, but still have 6 backups, not 2. The Groom complete successfully - no errors: + Executing Grooming at 29/07/2016, 1:42:38 PM (Activity Thread 1) Grooming Backup Set PP Backup, optimizing for storage... 29/07/2016 1:42:40 PM: Execution completed successfully I feel I'm missing something or something has got corrupted. Any ideas? Thanks, James.
  2. I wonder if I can ask for some guidance on how to consolidate my backups to release more space. Something like grooming, but not quite. As I understand it grooming removes according to a file's age. I would like to rip out backups of a particular source to create space in a (disk) media set in Retrospect 10 (Mac). Is there a way to do this? Also, if by doing this I free up very large amounts of space, I hope it is possible to consolidate the retrospect files onto a smaller number of disk volumes (members) to free up these disks for other uses.
  3. Sorry if this has been answered before -- I can't seem to search the forums anymore to check first before posting and the documentation and additional information on the site seems vague. I'm looking for clarification on the grooming functionality. If I understand correctly, it will essentially scan through and remove old backups. The part that I'm confused about is what it leaves behind. Am I correct in that grooming will remove all but the most recent backup for each and every file? In other words, it removes "older versions" from the backup. Thanks in advance.
  4. Does anyone know how Retrospect for Mac 9.0.2 works with Data Domain and its cleaning process? Specifically, if I have Retrospect groom backups does that notify Data Domain that it can clean up that space and reuse it? Any guidance or help would be appreciated. thanks Bart
  5. I tried searching in the forum for something like this, but it never liked my search terms. guess i'm stoopid (or the forum search is) Retrospect 7.7.620 for windows Server: Win XP Clients: Win XP Backup device: 8T NAS (dlink) Problem: I've told each backup set to use the Retrospect defined policy (delete stuff if disk gets full, etc.) but it doesn't seem to be working. The 8T disk is full. The logs, however, don't indicate a grooming problem - they don't say anything about grooming usually. I check the directory sizes on the backup NAS using SpaceSniffer and they are HUGE. There's no way the machines I'm backing up have anywhere near that much data on them. Grooming seems to have worked for several months to a year before failing (yes - I've rebooted everything) So: 1) how can i tell if grooming is actually occurring? 2) Is 'backup set' -> 'properties' ->' groom to retrospect defined policies' the right place to look to see the setting? (looks like it) 3) is it possible to change the 'defiend policy'?
  6. I have a disk that I use for backups, and want to limit the amount of size used by Retrospect. Do I need to create a partition on it, or is there some parameter I can use. Right now it is filling up a 160GB external disk, which I'd like to share with some other backups. I saw the "grooming" option, and how to make a script that will groom, but no informationon what that means. What will my grooming script do when it runs? I also saw that I can "forget snapshots' in a backup set, but what does that mean? I don't need to keep many versions of a file over a year, but don't want to delete some snapshot that may contain the only backed up copy of a file either. With MSoft backup, I can give it a maximum backup file size, and it will manage versions within that limit. Any way to do that with Retrospect?
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