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Found 3 results

  1. We replace a HD on the NAS device where Retrospect 7.6 was using as a backup location. Now when we try to recover files we get either bsckup does not belong to this set or backup is corrupt. How can I recover / re-index / rebuild my set?
  2. I am getting the error "Scanning Incomplete -516 Illegal Request". Any suggestions. I tried some of the suggestions in the link below and about nuked a critical file installation file. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/150083-trouble-reading-files-error-516-illegal-request/ How do you fix this issue? It just creeped up this last week. Nothing has changed on the client machine. So I don't know???
  3. I am in danger of being driven insane by Retrospect. Our main file server which has several TB of data needing backed up has been backed up, in its entirety, by two of two scripts. One of which seems to forget what has already been backed up and backs up the whole darn thing again. This happened in version 9 as well and with a different script. I am happy to provide any further details if someone has some ideas. I don't want to keep burning through tapes for no reason. This machine has been backed up in completion on more than one occasion and I have watched as the snaphot is created as well so I know the process is completing properly. This does not happen with the other three dozen or so machines backed up on the same script it is just this one machine.
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