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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there. I have a large disk backup set (~8TB of data, ~300,000 files) of video editing work from 2014. The backup set media is 6 hard drives. (Also have an "off site" set of the same data). Since hard drives die, I would like to transfer this set to an LTO-6 tape backup set. I select my source, the 2014 Disk Backup set, choose the destination, a new LTO Tape Set. I'm Selecting "All Files". In the Options…Since I've already selected transfer "All Files", do I need "Copy Snapshots" selected? We're only concerned with being able to search and restore specific files; I don't need to restore an entire disk as it was at a certain point in time. Is there any reason to uncheck this (would it go faster? will I be missing data once the transfer is done?)? Also wondering about the option "Transfer any needed intermediate database Snapshots". If I don't need Snapshots, can I leave this unchecked? When would someone check this box? Does database mean the Retrospect database (the .rbc file?), or does it mean an actual database, like mySQL, etc (probably a dumb question, but oh well)? Further to that…is there any point in using Snapshots for this type of data backup? Maybe for our 2015 set I don't need to create Snapshots? Or is it always a good idea? I do use Snapshots for my backups of our system boot drives in our computers, because in that case, I may someday need to restore a disk to a certain date. But for media files, maybe it's not necessary? If it helps, an example of our restore process would be: our video editor needs to restore a video project from 2014. He has the Final Cut Pro/Adobe Premiere project file, opens it up, and the program will show a list of what files are offline/missing, ie. exactly what we need to restore. Thanks in advance for any help.
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