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Found 2 results

  1. So, we now have these storage groups that function like a collection of mini-sets and mini-catalogs, with each client or source getting a mini-set/catalog. When I have to repair or rebuild a set on any of my consulting clients' Retrospect installations (WAY more often than I should if I had a truly reliable backup program IMHO), I see the individual "mini-sets" getting scanned and rebuilt. Is there a way to trigger a repair or rebuild for an individual source in a storage group? Right now I've got a client that isn't backing up due to a "chunk checksum (-641)" error. I'm so tired of rebuilding multi-terabyte backup sets that I really don't want to have to put everything on hold yet again while this 5TB disk is scanned and the catalog rebuilt. Since each source appears to have its own, self-contained catalog and folder of band files on the backup disk, couldn't Retrospect just rebuild the individual source whose catalog has failed? Thx, Fred
  2. Hey Everybody— I've been very pleased w/ how much faster backups are now w/ Retrospect 16, since InstantScan is working again. And the ability to back up multiple clients at once via Storage Groups is a very welcome new feature. One problem is that there doesn't seem to be much documentation about pros/cons and caveats...just one brief KB article. Two things I've encountered are: 1. No way to limit the number of execution units a group can use (at least, not that I can tell). It appears that a Storage Group will simply use however many threads you've specified for the whole Engine in Preferences. If that's the case, I'd suggest v16.1 adds a field to the Media Set options that allows limiting based on preference and/or practical disk speed limitations (while not limiting the overall # of threads/units). 2. More importantly, I seem to have trouble w/ a standard, nightly script that I want to back up to the same Storage Group that my client stations back up to. Obviously, Storage Groups are targeted at Proactive executions, but the KB article also says, "Scheduled scripts support Storage Groups as destinations, but the backups run on a single execution and not in parallel." I keep having trouble getting these scripts to finish executing. Just now, I had one disk in the script back up 8GB, then during scanning of the next disk, the whole thing just stopped and is showing that it needs media. The media has plenty of space, and the hang appears to have occurred before the scanning even finished. Has anybody else seen this or know why it is balking after a partial backup? There may be more going on than I'm realizing, but again, I just don't see much in the way of specific documentation! Thanks for any suggestions or thoughts. Fred
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