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Found 3 results

  1. HI, I could use some advise in relation to deleting files from Retrospect Backups. I am running Retrospect 8.1.0 for Windows - Single Server version. I am backing up to removable hard disks. I have been tasked with removing specific files from our backups due to a requirement from a customer. Reading through the documentation, it seems that maybe the Transfer Backup Sets/Snapshots option may be the way to go but I am unclear on several things. When excluding files/paths during the Transfer process, is it only a reference to the stored files that is removed, or is the item(s) removed from disk too? So does this process reduce the size of the backup/snapshot(s)? Can the source and destinations be the same, assuming there is enough room on the backup media - the reason I ask it that I do not want to purchase additional media until I have to. Once the snapshot/backup has been transferred minus any files selected, are the original backups/snapshots deleted/marked as obsolete - what's the process here? Is the Transfer process the best and/or only way of achieving what's required here, or is there another way of doing this? Can the 'deleted' files be recovered by rebuilding the backup/snapshots? Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions, it's much appreciated. Cheers
  2. I am attempting to perform a transfer of an old backup set to new media so I can decommission my old tape drives. I have already transfered about 6 sets to my new set. My destination tape set has just one member, and it is in the drive and succeeds when I perform a Media Verification on it. However, when I attempt a transfer to it again, Retrospect asks for #1 of my destination set, even though it is in the drive. It does not want to proceed with transfer. Any ideas?
  3. I have an Exchange 2010 backup set created with the Exchange 2010 backup set that I periodically transfer to another disk backup set to take off-site. Frequently, I get the error "Can't transfer interdediate databases for ..., database backup history unavailable." The backup set I am copying was Recycled with a Full backup only 2 days ago. It has been added to with a log backup twice. All of this occured without execution error. Why does it error when I transfer it? Can I be confident that I can restore from this backup set, or from the copy?
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