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Found 13 results

  1. We would like to install a retroclient on a Synology RS815RP+ NAS running DSM 6.1.3-15152. We know that Retrospect Clients are not officially supported on Synology or Qnap, but we have a client already working well on another RS815RP+, installed by our previous linux specialist. Our current specialist wrote: "I haven't been able to find any documentation regarding installing RCL on a synology device. I'm hesitant to try on a production device as synology's "linux" is their own special distribution. Retrospect I think recommends installing the RCL on a windows or linux machine (as normal), and mounting the NAS device on your RCL target, and just backing up the mounted directory" Has anyone else done a client install and are there any special considerations that must be made?
  2. Seems a trivial question, but I installed the Retrospect Engine for error on a client machine, how do I safely uninstall the Retrospect Engine ? Naively I tried to delete the Retrospect app in the Application folder, but I keep on seeing the Retrospect Engine icon in the Preference panel.
  3. Hello! I'm using Retrospect OEM Single Server v8.5.0(136) on Windows Server 2012 R2 Usually we just leave Retrospect to do its thing every day and have had no real issues. We recycle between two Dell R7X91 320GB cartridges for our daily backups named, DailyBackup1 and DailyBackup2 starting at 8pm M-F. I always take one home at the end of the day, then swap it out for the previous night's backup when I return in the morning. I just happen to check the history today and noticed there have been many, I mean many days that show Execution Incomplete. Also, no data shows to have been copied over. Completed 0 files, @ zero KB, Remaining 298711 files @ 278.3 GB. The errors below are fairly the same for all of them, except there are a few where some data is copied, yet it still says the media request timed out after waiting, which makes no sense to me. How can anything be copied if the error just before stated the media request timed out? So every day (M-F) there are two logs for every work day. The first is usually a timeout error because the cartridge or DailyBackup it expects is not available (it's offsite), so then it looks for the other DailyBackup. It finds it and then starts backing up. Well that is what is used to do. Now, it just seems terribly inconsistent and I have no idea why or what has changed. The failed backup errors below are from 8/3/17. It wasn't until 8/18/17 (2 weeks later) that the log showed a full backup. Nothing Backed Up + Recycle backup using PP_Backup at 8/3/2017 8:00 PM (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set DailyBackup1... - 8/3/2017 8:00:53 PM: Copying DATA (P:) Using Instant Scan Media request for "2-DailyBackup1" timed out after waiting 0:01:00 8/3/2017 8:02:42 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 298711 files, 278.3 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:01:49 (00:01:14 idle/loading/preparing) + Recycle backup using PP_Backup at 8/3/2017 8:02 PM (Execution unit 2) To Backup Set DailyBackup2... - 8/3/2017 8:02:43 PM: Copying DATA (P:) Using Instant Scan Media request for "2-DailyBackup2" timed out after waiting 0:01:00 8/3/2017 8:04:28 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 298711 files, 278.3 GB Completed: 0 files, zero KB Performance: 0.0 MB/minute Duration: 00:01:45 (00:01:11 idle/loading/preparing) Full Backup + Recycle backup using PP_Backup at 8/18/2017 8:00 PM (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set DailyBackup1... - 8/18/2017 8:00:54 PM: Copying DATA (P:) Using Instant Scan 8/18/2017 11:35:12 PM: Snapshot stored, 52.6 MB 8/18/2017 11:35:16 PM: Comparing DATA (P:) 8/19/2017 2:52:33 AM: 65 execution errors Completed: 302090 files, 280.2 GB Performance: 1402.3 MB/minute (1348.5 copy, 1460.7 compare) Duration: 06:51:38 (00:02:34 idle/loading/preparing) Partial Backup + Recycle backup using PP_Backup at 8/22/2017 8:00 PM (Execution unit 1) To Backup Set DailyBackup1... - 8/22/2017 8:00:55 PM: Copying DATA (P:) Using Instant Scan Media request for "2-DailyBackup1" timed out after waiting 0:01:00 8/22/2017 8:16:45 PM: Execution incomplete Remaining: 243204 files, 271.1 GB Completed: 59602 files, 17.3 GB Performance: 1220.1 MB/minute Duration: 00:15:50 (00:01:19 idle/loading/preparing) So what could cause this, where or what do I need to check? I'm also certain a cartridge is in the drive at all times as I am the one doing it. I'm still really puzzled why a few of the logs indicate a transfer started but then only a fraction of the files were actually copied, leaving 90% or more of disk space. operations_log.utx
  4. I have Retrospect Desktop Version running on my Windows 10 machine and I'm getting an error in the retrospect logs. Has anyone see an error like this in their logs? [!] *RefObjectFactory: unknown object to create: id:51, refnum:7,847, consig:"VMC1" My background is with Retrospect Express 7 (a long time ago) and so when I decided that I needed to get off "Cloud storage", I purchased Retrospect Desktop with five client backup. It went okay for a while, I'm having some problems right now. I have an old 8GB Plextor NAS storage array that stores my backups and I've run into a problem where retrospect starts up and stalls (never moves forward and never completes the backup). I found the error above in the retrospect log today. I'm not sure if the problem is on the backup data or my laptop drive. The behavior that I see is that retrospect starts up and immediately wants to create a new member (even when the previous member is not full--it can actually be empty). After it creates the new member, nothing else happens. The backup stalls. I've tried to transfer the backup to a new backup set. I've tried to groom the backup set, and I still get the same behavior of trying to create a new member. Right now I have a backup set that has three members: the first is 98% and the 2nd and 3rd are 100% free and when I start up, Retrospect wants to create a 4th backup set. The NAS storage has plenty of free space. Any clues or pointers of where to look? Thanks! Alan Edwards
  5. We have a new LTO 6 and I have connected the new storage device. You can see this within the Retrospect software 'Storage Devices'. However, when I kick of a LTO back up I can not see a way to select that device specifically. How do i know if the back up is being processed through the new device? At the moment the activity suggested it is backing up (with the running blue and white bars, it hasn't started properly yet.) The status has the spinning arrow wheel. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
  6. Hi all, In my workplace, we're currently using Retrospect 11.5.3 to backup all of our systems. We're considering making the jump to RS 12, but I'm concerned by some of the weird quirks I've encountered in 11.5.3 (such as: scheduled backups not running - engine needs a reset, backup clients not found - sources need to be relocated, reserved backup clients - client system needs a reboot, among some others....) and would like to get an idea of whether I should expect things to be better or worse in version 12. So before we go any further in consideration, I'd like to ask forum users about their experience with Retrospect 12. Any input as to what issues I might expect, or expect to be resolved, what works, what doesn't, and anything relating to 11 vs. 12 overall would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jeff
  7. The Instant Scan FAQ (http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/retrospect-instascan-faq) does a good job of explaining how Instant Scan is implemented and describes some of its problems and limitations. The main problems described are: 1. RetroISA can use a high CPU load. Even after the initial scan, the service's use of CPU can spike degrading the performance of other applications. 2. Recently modified files may be missed from a backup if the service hasn't gotten around to scanning them. Additionally, I've had the RetroISA service block a chkdsk /f because it had an open handle on the volume. I wouldn't be surprised if it also interfered with "safe removal" of an external drive. I don't know about the Macintosh platform, but I think this can be done better on Windows. The FAQ indicates that Instant Scan only works on NTFS formatted drives in Windows because it makes use of the USN journal. Since the USN journal is a requirement, doing all this background scanning is largely unnecessary. Background: The USN journal maintains a list of changed, added, deleted and moved files. The old way of doing an incremental backup (in general for any backup application) was to scan the entire disk and compare against the backup catalog looking for changes. The USN journal removed this need. Instead, a backup application only needs to check the timestamp of the last backup, then read the USN journal from that time on. Only if the USN journal wrapped does a full scan need to be done. I've done tests with a different backup product on a 6 TB disk that had millions of files. Time to scan without USN journal: 2 Hours Time to scan with USN journal: 5 minutes This other product does not do pre-scanning like Retrospect's Instant Scan. My point is that just using the USN journal as it was designed offers a huge benefit and you avoid the problems that Instant Scan currently imposes. However, I can see some benefit to doing a pre-scan. In the case of the very first backup, a full scan would likely be required without Instant Scan. So, my recommendations for Instant Scan improvement on the Windows Platform as follows... Keep the RetroISA service, but offer different levels of Instance Scan performance options. 1. Normal: After detection of a new fixed disk, RetroISA should do a full scan saving the cache data as it does now. In this mode, RetroISA should not do any further background scanning of the volume after the initial scan. This immediately eliminates the problem of RetroISA degrading system performance. It also reduces the time when RetroISA can interfere with chkdsk /f or device removal (but see below for a discussion of how to fix this completely.) Then when a backup runs, the main Retrospect application should activate RetroISA asking it to perform a refresh (and wait for it to complete). This would still be very quick in most circumstances and it would avoid the problem of newly changed files not being included in the backup. This mode would provide a nice balance. 2. Minimal: RestroISA does no scanning on its own. Scanning only occurs when a backup runs. This would be closest to the basic implementation of backing up with the USN journal. When the first full backup runs, a full scan should be done on the volume. For all subsequent backups, the backup should ask RetroISA to refresh the cache using the USN journal and wait for the results. There is no background scanning in this mode. There is no pre-scan in this mode. 3. Disabled: For those users that don't want the Instant Scan cache files on their systems. 4. Aggressive: Instant Scan operates as it does now with periodic background scanning. This would eliminate even the 5 minute wait in my previous example. One caveat is that Instant Scan should be a better citizen when doing background scanning (It should also be like this when doing initial background scanning in Normal mode.) What do I mean by being a good citizen? If the user wants to run a chkdsk /f, get out of the way. If the user wants to remove an external device, get out of the way. The WM_DEVICECHANGE_NOTIFICATION can be used to know when one of these events is occurring. An application/service calls RegisterDeviceNotification in order to receive it. Microsoft provides an example of using WM_DEVICECHANGE_NOTIFICATION to handle the case of an external device being removed. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa363427%28v=vs.85%29.aspx For the chkdsk /f case, things are slightly different. WM_DEVICECHANGE_NOTIFICATION is still used, but the event that is sent is DBT_CUSTOMEVENT with an event GUID of GUID_IO_VOLUME_LOCK. I couldn't find an online sample of this, but I did write sample code myself, as test, before writing this post. I would be happy to provide this code to you. I know I'm not a Retrospect product manager, but I hope you'll give consideration to making these improvements to Instant Scan. Right now, Instant Scan is a step toward of a good goal, but there's no reason why the problems it currently has need to exist. If you don't want to fully implement all suggested modes, then please just consider implementing either the "Normal" or "Minimal" mode suggestions. Thanks.
  8. Hey, Recently began going through old dvd's of work. Quickly discovered whole series of disks that are not recognized by my Superdrive. I came to the conclusion that these are disks that were probably archived with Retrospect at the time. Some version or 6 and/or prior. I have DVD-R's from 2005 I can read fine - but have a feeling they were stand-alone instances where I just burned files onto the DVD itself as opposed to using Retrospect. Is this a common occurance? Is there a workaround? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. We recently updated one of our sites from 7.7 to 9.5 the server is a windows server 2003 x64. After updating however we receive multiple error 102 trouble communicating. For kicks we rolled back the vm to 7.7 and everything works fine. Since this OS is on the supported operating systems is anyone else experiencing this issue with 9.5
  10. One of our backups goes off-site to a NAS box and I need to limit the bandwidth of Retrospect backups to that location as we use this connection for other, higher priority data. Does anybody know if it's possible to throttle the speed to one of our three NAS backup devices using Retrospect Server 10.5? Mac Pro 10.6 running Retrospect Server 10.5 3 - LaCie 5Big Network 2
  11. I am in danger of being driven insane by Retrospect. Our main file server which has several TB of data needing backed up has been backed up, in its entirety, by two of two scripts. One of which seems to forget what has already been backed up and backs up the whole darn thing again. This happened in version 9 as well and with a different script. I am happy to provide any further details if someone has some ideas. I don't want to keep burning through tapes for no reason. This machine has been backed up in completion on more than one occasion and I have watched as the snaphot is created as well so I know the process is completing properly. This does not happen with the other three dozen or so machines backed up on the same script it is just this one machine.
  12. Retrospect Forum: Retrospect for iOS with Retrospect Sever Windows 7.7.620 I tried the iOS App with my iPad 3, and iOS 6.0.1. Twice I tried and had to "Kill" the Retrospect.exe process: after one hour this Process still used almost 100% CPU time (two physical processors). One time the preference file got destroyed in the process (both .dat and .bak files). Fulco
  13. Quick question: Do we need the Exchange plugin to backup .edb files? - greg@masleyassociates.com
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