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  1. 10 days ago, Retrosect suddenly could no longer connect with client "LENOVO730." No changes in the home LAN, which is a Windows workgroup, other than normal Windows background updates. I just verified that the client on LENOVO730 is active. I can ping the client by name in a Windows cmd-box. In Retrospect, I did a TEST in the Network Access window and got this result: So Retrospect Desktop has detected the client at its correct IP address. But right after I got this result, I clicked on the Refresh button for Lenovo730 Client properties. I don't know if this is a Retrospect issue or a Windows issue. I've been using Windows networking since the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 days, and I think that networking issues are responsible for the vast majority of issues on systems in my home LAN. If you go to this forum, https://www.tenforums.com/network-sharing there are endless threads about Windows networking issues with missing clients, missing network shares, etc., etc. So I don't know where the issue lies. Are there any additional steps I can take to rule out a Retrospect issue?
  2. Oh well, #sigh I have a few Macs. All on WIFi All on DHCP They have to be this way, because they roam from office-to-office, client-to-client, home-to-work-to-home ... like laptops do. The error -530 and associated -519 has be around in almost every version of retrospect I have used for the past 20 years. I can never find the solution, apart from a full client reinstall, and I can not be doing that every week TBH! Is there ever going to be a stable answer? Each Mac, Client and Server has no firewall or anti-virus FYI. The fixed desktop Laptops that do not leave the office have no issues. The laptops returning to the office login automatically to the WIFI and have no network issues for everyday work; email, www, ftp, server shares, printing ... what so ever. Server: Mac OSX 10.11.6 Client: OSX 10.12.6 Retrospect 13.5 Please don't say 'upgrade to the latest version of Retrospect or I may have to slap you :-) That has never been an answer to this issue.
  3. Retrospect 13.5, up to date client. Suddenly, after months/years of working normally, retrospect server is not seeing some drives on a client, although it can see and backs up the startup disk. One of the omitted drives is internal, the other external. I have restarted the Mac, reinstalled the client etc but nothing changes. If I forget the client drives in the console and then add them again do they have to be fully backed up or will the media set just add the changes? Thanks
  4. First, let me say that after the problem statement, I think I have a solution. Posting for reference since searching Error -530 is non-productive. After installing Retrospect Client 11.5, it works for a several days to weeks. Then I get, “Sorry, couldn't connect to PCxxx, error -530 . . . ". I am able to connect with Direct IP configuration but not with Piton Name Service. I can get it back by uninstalling and reinstalling the Client. Repair/ Modify does not work, must be an uninstall – restart – new install. Now each new uninstall and reinstall of the client results in a functional link for up to several days. Furthermore, this is a fairly simple machine software-wise. Also in my research this port seems to be assigned for use by Dantz so I would think it reasonably unlikely that a legitimate piece of software deliberately hijacks the port. I looked over my list of installed programs. The critical applications is VMWare Workstation. The list includes Windows 10, Microsoft products and software that supports specific hardware from Intel, Nvidia and Areca. I also have Libre Office, Google Drive, Dropbox, MS OneDrive, Veracrypt, BestCrypt, Keepass as I have the host handle sync with the cloud and encryption. Also noted Apple Bonjour was installed. I did install Windows 10 Software Development kit a few weeks ago to try to diagnose some USB issues but the problem with Retrospect pre-dates this installation. VMWare does not share the physical ports with the VM host. It has access to a separate 4-port Intel 350 ethernet card. To be clear, the VM host is where Retrospect Client fails. (too much host/ client terminology here.) Interestingly, the two main clients I run are also Retrospect Clients and they have run flawlessly for probably 18 months - since I switch over to Windows 10. Premium support said that the ability to add by IP address meant port 497 (the “Dantz” assigned port), had functioning TCP but UDP was blocked. They basically said they had nothing else to offer other than assigning my client machine to a fixed IP address. I am posting this because I think I found a solution. I didn’t know why Apple Bonjour was there and I did not have any reason that I could think of that I would need it so I uninstalled it. The Piton name service could then find the Retrospect client. So if you have a similar problem, try uninstalling Bonjour.
  5. The tl;dr summary is that I have been able to use the No Files selector (now known as a Rule) to provide a rather-kludgey solution to my new -530 problem. I have now tested the solution for a couple of nights, so I consider it ready for posting it on the “Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh” forum (I let Mayoff know in an e-mail yesterday, since he had belatedly offered No Files advice) : Monday night 30 January I had to make an emergency replacement of the 8-port Ethernet switch in my study with another model of a different brand. If you’re interested, https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?p=32757787#p32757787 describes my setup in the second paragraph. As the third paragraph says, I immediately started getting -530 errors on my nightly “Sun.-Fri. Backup” No Media Action script when I booted my “backup server” after the 3 a.m. scheduled time for the script—a problem that had mysteriously vanished last June (see the thread http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/152169-client-530-error-workaround-from-retrospect-inc-tech-support/?hl=%22-530%22 for my past -530 history). A poster on the Ars Technica thread commented “Sounds like retrospect is dumb and trying to run before the network is 100% functional. See if you can just put a pause in the beginning of the script or tell it to do a ping to the target computer before starting the backup attempt. I've seen similar problems. The switch just switches but from one bit of hardware to the next, the time for the link to become active and start passing traffic might be a few seconds different and that might be enough for poorly made software to error out.” The comment reinforced suspicions I had had last spring, but I replied that I don’t know to put a pause or a ping in the beginning of a Retrospect script. I then remembered selectors (now known as Rules), and wondered if there is one that would enable me to run a sacrificial script before the real “Sun.-Fri. Backup”. My idea was that, even if the sacrificial script didn’t make the Retrospect Engine “straighten up and fly right”, I would have time while it ran to click the Locate button in Sources—an action which has always eliminated any further -530 error during that Engine execution. It turns out that a “NoOp Sun.-Fri. Backup” script, using the No Files selector (now known as a Rule) and scheduled for 3 a.m., makes my “Sun.-Fri. Backup” script run without error when scheduled at 3:10 a.m. When I boot my “backup server” before or just after 3 a.m., both scripts run fine. When I boot my “backup server” well after 3 a.m., the sacrificial script bombs with a -530 error but my “Sun.-Fri. Backup” script immediately runs fine. At some point I used the Forum's search capabilities to find hgv's post http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/152290-retrospect-13-error-530-backup-client-not-found/&do=findComment&comment=262378. It suggests creating a launchd script to do a 60 seconds delayed stop/restart of the retroengine and retroisa daemons at startup. However I don't know how to create a launchd script. I’ve also posted a version of this as a Support Case, since this solution shows an obvious bug in the Retrospect Engine. BTW, the reason all links in this post up to this paragraph are not concealed in Link constructs is that I wanted to include them in the Support Case, where Link constructs are not allowed. The "Skull Island tradition" in the thread title refers to the plot of the 1933 version of the movie "King Kong". In it the Skull Islanders have developed over the generations an effective way of keeping the giant ape on the other side of the ancient wall; they occasionally give the giant ape a young woman as a sacrifice (it is the white outsider Carl Denham who interferes with this tradition and causes a catastrophe for the islanders). Hence the idea for my "sacrificial script" . P. S.: The Support Case is now posted as of early this morning. The Retrospect Support Team has already asked for a copy of my operations log, which I've given them. P.P.S.: Note that for both the just-after-3-a.m. and the well-after-3-a.m. runs the Search Timeout in the Advanced dialog in the Console's Network Preference pane had been increased from 10 seconds to 75 seconds. It didn't make any difference in whether the "sacrificial" script ran or not. P.P.P.S.: Fixed last sentence of fourth paragraph; the Locate button is of course in the Sources category of the Console. P.P.P.P.S.: A "selector" is now a Rule in Retrospect Mac.
  6. I have two computers running El Capitan on a simple LAN, one acting as a Retrospect server and one as a client. My Backup Script fails to connect to the backup client at scheduled script start even though the client computer is up and running and Retrospect client is available. If I do a Locate Source after the failure, the client is visible on the discovered clients list and the script runs fine after that. I have tried removing the client from the client list and adding it back again. Does anyone have any clue as to what might be wrong and/or what I should try to figure out the cause?
  7. Retrospect Inc. engineers, please note this thread in the "Retrospect 9 or higher for Macintosh" forum. I started the thread to let everybody know the workaround A. of Retrospect Inc. had told me about, but I did some bug isolation—whose results are summarized in post #5 in the thread—after the workaround stopped working. To quote from the second paragraph in post #5: "My conclusion is that, for me at least, the -530 error occurs when the Engine is started (by booting my Mac Pro) after the scheduled time for the script—whether or not the Console is started when the Engine is started. However, from when I successfully executed the workaround up through 3 March, I could boot the Mac Pro after the scheduled time for the script and the script would automatically be run—as shown by the Console which was in Login Items ...." Also, when my MacBook Pro is backed up by a script as scheduled—because it has been awakened and the Mac Pro has then been booted before the scheduled time of the script, Instant Scan runs. From the final paragraph: "One notable fact is that, when the incremental "Sun.-Fri. Backup" runs with Instant Scan, it backs up nearly 9GB instead of just over 2GB—taking 17 minutes instead of 4 minutes for the copying phase alone. Based on errors shown in the log, the additional 6GB includes many ~Library/Caches/Firefox/Profiles/ksalhsaz7.default/safebrowsing files (I was using Firefox while "Sun.-Fri. Backup" was running) ." P.S.: As the new post #6 (20 March 2016) in the linked-to thread states, I had to do the workaround procedure again—and this time that procedure worked. So thus endeth my bug-isolation efforts for now.
  8. Around 15 February I started getting -530 errors for my MacBook Pro when my "Sun.-Fri. Backup" incremental script made its daily scheduled runs. However, when I then ran the same script manually from the Console, it ran fine—as it had been doing via schedule for 7 months prior to 15 February. My "Sat. Backup" Recycle Media Set script got the same -530 error for the MBP on its weekly scheduled run, but backed up all drives on my other two Macs. When I then manually ran my "Sat. Backup Incremental" script to compensate, the MBP backed up all files as if it were a Recycle Media Set run—which it was for the MBP on that particular Media Set. After nearly two weeks of this behavior, I realized on 25 February that the -530 errors had started just after just after I updated the Retrospect Client on my MBP from 12.0 to 12.5 before running the tests described in this post. The morning of 26 February I realized that I might be able to fix the problem by reverting the MBP's Retrospect Client to the 12.0 version, and that I would probably have to do so by restoring it from a Media Set—but that I was scheduled to Recycle the only Media Set that still had the 12.0 Client the next morning when the "Sat. Backup" script ran. Since I didn't know where on my MBP disk I could find the Retrospect Client files (the app is not in Applications to prevent a client user's deleting it), I phoned Retrospect Inc. Tech Support to ask. As soon as the words "-530 error" were out of my mouth, A. told me he could give me a workaround for it. He told me to do the following: (1) Remove the MBP from Sources on the Retrospect Console. (2) Export Client Installer from the Retrospect->Preferences->Console onto a flash drive, and then sneaker-net that flash drive over to the MBP. (3) Run "Uninstall OS X Client.app" (no quotes) from the flash drive on the MBP. (4) Make sure the file "root-drive-name/Library/Preferences/retroclient.state" (no quotes around file name, root-drive-name is usually "Macintosh HD" with no quotes) is no longer there; if it is still there, delete it. (5) Run "Retrospect Client Installer.pkg" (no quotes) from the flash drive on the MBP, and alter the MBP's System Preferences->Retrospect Client preferences as required. (6) Add the MBP to Sources on the Retrospect Console, and then alter that client's Source Options as required. (7) Re-checkmark the MBP as a Source in all Scripts where it should be used, and then (although A. didn't say this—either because he knows I know to do it or because he doesn't accept derek500's report in this post) drag the MBP client into the proper sequence position in the Summary of any of those Scripts that backup more than just the MBP. A. also said that Retrospect Inc. engineers are investigating the underlying cause of such -530 errors, but that they haven't found it yet. I did what A. said, and the workaround eliminated the -530 errors (so long as the MBP is awake when a script backing it up runs). YMMV (for non-Americans, that's shorthand for "Your mileage may vary"—a caution given at the end of auto mileage claims in TV ads for many years in the U.S.). Not only do I now have a working 12.5 Retrospect Client on my MBP, but Instant Scan has now started working on the MBP for the first time. Step (2) deleted the file "Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/retroclient.state", and step (4) re-created it. Here followeth a short tale of my stupidity as a likely explanation of why I started getting -530 errors on scheduled scripts starting around 15 February; feel free to skip it. On 15 February, when I decided to update the Retrospect Client on my MBP from 12.0 to 12.5, I discovered that Retrospect->Preferences—>Console wouldn't Export Client Installer directly to my MBP over my LAN. Rather than using a flash drive and sneaker-net, I downloaded Retrospect_Client_12_5_0_111.zip from download.retrospect.com. IIRC—thinking I was doing an update—I then ran Mac_Client_Update_12_5_0_111.rcu from the downloaded Mac Client Updater folder, rather than "Uninstall OS X Client.app" followed by "Retrospect Client Installer.pkg" from the downloaded Mac Client Installer folder. The result was that I didn't delete the file "Macintosh HD/Library/Preferences/retroclient.state", creating some kind of mismatch that seems to cause the -530 problem. Compounding this stupidity was my initially thinking that the -530 problem was being caused by some startup LAN connectivity problem between my Mac Pro "Retrospect server" and the MBP (I normally do not boot the Mac Pro until it is past time to run a script, with at least the MBP awake). I therefore added Firefox to the Mac Pro's Startup Items as a connectivity check, and gradually replaced each non-coax piece of LAN cable between the Mac Pro and the MBP. It was only when none of these measures resolved the problem that I started thinking about the MBP's Retrospect Client. In addition, before starting to think about the MBP's Retrospect Client, it occurred to me that maybe closing port 497 on my router had belatedly started to cause a problem. So, despite my having posted this, I tried re-opening port 497 again. That didn't solve the -530 problem, and I have—since implementing A.'s workaround—closed port 497 without getting any -530 error. Note that, if you have an internal firewall—such as on a particular computer—or an internal router on your LAN, you do need to have port 497 open for TCP and UDP. P.S.: Very belatedly noticed that I had two step (3)s in the third paragraph; renumbered the steps.
  9. Hi, I would just like to draw Retrospect's attention to my post in the general forum where we believe we have found a bug in Retrospect 11.5.3 and would like to know if this has been fixed in Retrospect 12. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/152113-frustrating-error-530-backup-client-not-found-but-it-is/ Thanks, Tom
  10. I am a long time Retrospect user and I must say, a long time frustrated user whenever there is a problem. Nothing is ever simply fixed. This time... Problem 1: I have one machine (MacPro OSX 10.8.5) on my all-Mac network that has been backing up happily to our server (MacMini OSX 10.8.5, Retrospect 11.5.3 (103)) for ever and a day. Last week I changed the name of the machine (in Retrospect > Sources > Rename) and ever since the automatic backup (each morning) fails with error -530 ( backup client not found)... BUT... when I get in the office, if I just manually run the script then the backup runs perfectly. I have been round the houses on this one – I have removed the source, un-installed the client, re-installed the client, re-added the source and updated the script... nothing appears to work. No network or firewall settings have changed on either the client machine or the server, nada, nothing. Problem 2: I have a new machine on the network (iMac OSX 10.10.5) which has the same problem namely, having installed Retrospect Client the automated backups have never worked (Error -530) but if I manually run the script on the server then the backup works perfectly. All network and firewall settings are the same as other machines on the network that are backing up properly. Can someone suggest how to fix this and make the automated backups work please? Thanks, Tom.
  11. The only way that it can find client is for me to stop and start the engine in preferences. I then reopen retrospect and it finds client's. Backup computer and clients are on 10.10.1 Yosemite
  12. My server keeps on getting -530 on some clients in the network. -I made sure the clients do not go to sleep. -I made sure that the clients are on the network and on the same subnet. -I made sure that the clients have the client software installed. What steps do I need to take to get this resolved?
  13. After rebooting the server, I need to "Locate" every single client in order to back up again. The normal script runs and every client fails with "error -530 ( backup client not found)" Details: - Mac Mini with OS X 10.8 Server - All on the same ethernet network & subnet - All clients visible in the Add Client view (default interface, multicast) - All clients have static IP - Clicking "refresh" times out. - Click "Locate", click on correct client, back to normal. Can back up after that. - Retrospect is set to launch at startup - Clients are Retrospect, running a variety of OS X 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8 - Retrospect server is 10.5.0 (145) - All clients are awake, and have users logged in This has happened twice in a row in the last couple days; fortunately it's rare I need to reboot the server.
  14. Long time user, first time poster. Settings/system Retrospect Windows 7.6.123 w/ hotfix Client installed on a Windows 7 x64 machine. Two daily alternating scripts A&B These settings have been working fine for a couple of years now, but for the past two days I get the following message error -530 (backup client not found) on both A&B scripts. I've seen this error on one of network Mac clients in the past but restarting the Mac usually fixes the problem. Restarting is not fixing the problem for this Windows client. Steps/checks so far Restarted both server and client Restared the client again after server was running. Server and client can read and write to each other. Manually ran a backup on the mapped drives and I get the same error message. Changed the client IP address and tried to manually add the IP address in Retrospect, but I still get the -530 error. The only recent software updates to the client have been MS automatic updates. No known updates have been made to the server. Another Windows 7 machine with the same settings is just fine with no errors. ++++++ I started to post this as a question, but now it looks more like a tip post. I just uninstalled and re-installed the client software. Restrspect would not recogonize the client re-install so I had to manually add the client again with the IP address. There were then two clients wit the same name so I deleted the old one, re-mapped the drives and am performing an immediate backup. Works so far. I now think the whole issue was with Windows firewall settings. I wonder if Retrospect was turned off with a Security essentials update. I can't tell now because of the re-install and wish I would have thought of it sooner. Oh well. Hopefully this will help someone else.
  15. Hi Retrospect 8 devotees, I am having some problems with errors such as: Can't access volume XXX on serverYYY error -530 ( backup client not found) (XXX being a system or data volume, YYY being the server name being backed up). Running Retrospect 8.2.0 (399) on a Intel Mac Pro, running Mac OS X 10.6.4. With Retrospect clients version 6.3.029 The problem happens every few days... Usually during the night-time backups. So, all the backups fail. It affects all network-based backups. Any local backups (e.g. Firewire backup source) work fine. But any source not located locally do not backup. A restart of the Retrospect box sometimes fixes the problem. But not generally. (Affectively, that's stopping and starting the engine). The only real work-around I've found is to: Stop the Retrospect engine Wait a few minutes Re-start the Retrospect engine "Browse" a source, and make sure I can connect to that remote hard drive Then run a test backup It should be business as usual after that for a day or so, until it happens again. Anybody else having the same problems? Or have a better work-around? I was thinking about perhaps a script to kill of the Retrospect Engine, and then re-start it again... Any ideas on how to implement this? Cheers, D.
  16. Out of the blue, Retrospect has been giving me this error for every single client for the past week. It started with one client, and then progressed to each of the other clients. I have not changed the client software or operating system software of any of the client machines. Nor have I changed anything about the server. Nothing I have done so far as been able to fix it. I have: * Restarted the entire machine running the engine. * Restarted each machine running a client. * Toggled the server and clients on and off. Can someone please suggest other things I might try to get Retrospect to see my clients again?
  17. From Retrospect: Script "Server Nightly" failed during automatic execution, error -530 (backup client not found). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details. Re-installed client on Server and rebooted. Client status is set to on. Thx - Brian
  18. Hello again This time, my Retro 8 lost contact with the remote client. Re-starting the client made no difference. The only way I could get the app to connect with the client was to remove and re-add it. Because I had a number of Favourites and tags applied to the favourites, this was quite a long winded process. Many of my clients (to whom I recommend Retrospect) have multiple clients, with sub volumes (sorry, favourites) who are placed into groups (sorry, tags). I'm really worried about recommending 8.1 to my client base who are keen to upgrade because of the unreliability I have found with several crucial elements of the software. Please can we have some sort of timeline when these issues are going to be fixed? This is probably a 'how long is a piece of string?' question, but the expectation that a piece of software, once it's been released to the public to buy, should at least be reliable. Backup software that's unreliable exposes me, as a consultant, to all sorts of pressure. Having used and recommended Retrospect going all the way back to the days when it was called DiskFit, and having been pleased with it for over 20 odd years, I'm finding the unreliability of the new version a real problem. Regards Alan
  19. Hello, I consistently get error -530 telling me that the backup client cannot be found. Yet, it shows up in the Sources client list as a sub-volume as it should. This only occurs if I want to "Copy." The problem didn't occur when the script was set as a "Backup." I running Mac OS X 10.5.7 with Retrospect version 8.0.736.1 and client version 6.3.019. Would can I do to correct this? Michael
  20. Hello, I have seen some KB articles, and posts relating to this with an older version, but I am having it with 6.2.234 now. I am running Windows 7.6.11 (Windows 2003 Server Standard) and upgraded my Mac clients via the rcu for 6.2.234 Now they are off when they restart. Do I need to touch each computer and uninstall/reinstall with the downloaded installer? Thanks, Tim
  21. Hi - we're using SBS standard edition 7.6.x (latest version) to backup our server. We are missing a trick by not using this licence to backup our clients so I am running a test to check this works. I have installed the latest Windows client onto my Windows Vista Business PC and I can connect to the machine from the Retrospect server. I have added the client machine to our backup schedule - however I am getting failures reported saying "error -530 unable to access client". I have verifed that the server can see the client which it can and I have re-entered the password I setup on the client. Still getting the same error. Any ideas?
  22. I am using Retrospect pro 7.5.508 Host is running SP2 Client is running Vista Sp1 Both computer are using McAfee Security Center. Receive error message when host attempts to connect to remote.
  23. I am receiving the following messages each evening during client backup. Any assistance appreciated. Thank You. + Normal backup using Cameron at 12/26/2007 3:00 AM To Backup Set Backup Set A - Camero... Can't access volume HP_PAVILION (C:) on Cameron, error -530 (backup client not found) 12/26/2007 3:01:08 AM: Execution incomplete + Normal backup using Cameron at 12/23/2007 3:00 AM To Backup Set Backup Set A - Camero... Can't access volume HP_PAVILION (C:) on Cameron, error -519 (network communication failed) 12/23/2007 3:05:29 AM: Execution incomplete
  24. Guys, recently I've added some clients on retrospect. I've installed Retrospect client on each desktop. I've noticed that after successfully adding clients to retrospect, with automated script I receive an error Backup Client Not Found -530. The desktops are not going to sleep, nor they have hibernation enabled. I can manually backup all of them if I wanted to but at night, all i get Backup Client Not Found -530. Any tips?
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