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  1. Windows Server 2014 install. Qualstar Q24 SAS. Latest version (evaluation with everything I assume). Creating first job. Full backup of the host and several network clients. During the job setup I have created a new backup set. I have tried assigning tapes (retrospect verify and erased) and also allowing the job to select any with overwrite privilege. The job begins, but fails each time when it comes to loading the tape. Either it says the media is locked, or several tries has asked to select the tape to use which is ti be labeled (job-1 for example). In the media locked error it doesn't have anything else running.....so not sure. If I try to add tapes to any created backup sets it says it is adding them but never does...so any proactive backup also fails as well. Can't load by itself nor will it let me add a backup set with tapes assigned. Dead in the water. I am coming off a Yosemite backup which is obsolete. Retrospect I used 15 years ago and needed file to tape capabilities. Most everything out there for backup is file to disk to tape. So I really want to hopefully get this working. Anyone have any pointers? I have rebooted, restarted so on. Tapes retrospect can short and long format....but just won't use them.
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