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  1. There have been an update! We returned the part "Will this be solved soon?" and got some additional info and an alternative (in my eyes a very bad) solution: Regards, Pontus
  2. So, been waiting for an update? I'm sorry to say the update will be saying nothing! After filing out a ticket we got a "breathtaking" responce: The Agents "answer" is leaving out the answer to the question at hand("will it be solved soon?") and just apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to run the client on a linux system whether you wanna backup docker or just the files on the server. Well, I think we will try another angle and see what pops out.
  3. I do find it a bit disturbing that you have not got an answer yet, not even a "we will look in to it and get back to you". Or even a "Thank you, great input!". It feels a bit like they have not got a clue what the information we feed them with say. (Trying to interpret the silence). Well, time will tell if the penny falls and they realize the potential of backing up docker containers. Or just having a client that works for the rest of the filesystem even if there is docker installed on the system and you do -not- wanna backup the containers. I'm staying tuned for any change!
  4. Great work David! I hope there was some error along the way to the developers, keep this post updated. For further reference on Bacula you can read this: Bacula and Docker Now, either you wanna backup anything about the docker or just a simple file on the Linux client Retrospect should be able to handle the client and the filesystem. One could expect to be able to take backup of your /home or what ever you fancy while Docker is installed. I do wonder if the retroclient stops working if you install docker on a windows server? If anyone reading this knows, please drop a reply! The retroclient should not freak out and die because Docker is installed on your system(linux, mac or windows), right? Regards, Pontus
  5. Anyone knows where to read about Linux fix #8985 ? Been trying to find it but finding nothing...
  6. Thanks for your answer David! Well, I did read that but thought it was "history". I initially failed to mention that the server side run on windows and is running the latest version of Retrospect Server. So, from whatever fix they made (#8985) it was not for servers running with docker installed 😞 I guess we will have to try some other backup solution for those servers running docker... We "only" have two so far but the plan was to expand that. Would have been nice if the Retrospect team could solve this since we have read about other backups that supports it and even supports backing up the containers. One example is Bacula. But we would prefer not having one more backup system running. I will let this question hang out a bit more and see if there is any more info to get. Regards, Pontus
  7. Hello! We have been running Retrospect for years and seldom had any major problems, until today! We have been backing up a lot of Linux clients, mainly Ubuntu. Recently there is two new clients to backup that we just don't get to work. What is different from all other clients is that they have docker installed. They both run Ubuntu 20 fully patched and have the retrospect client Version When connecting to them and checking volumes from the server it starts to show a lot of them, some with an icon of a pen with line across it, then after displaying all they drop off until none left. And so it goes on... Picture attached below. Now, what is wrong with the client? Why is it bananas just because we have docker installed on the client that is to be backed up? Any hints would be much appreciated! /Pontus
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