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  1. OK - I'll just conclude that you can only chain from a single rule at a time. Thanks for the replies. - Alex
  2. Using Retrospect 17.5.2 on Catalina, Full Disk Access is set up for RetrospectEngine and RetrospectInstantScan. I don't get warnings about Full Disk Access for the internal disk or an external drive. However, when the script runs for a Synology NAS disk that is mounted, I get the error: Retrospect has detected it is not listed under "Full Disk Access" on the backup source system and cannot access all user data to create a complete backup. Please follow our step-by-step guide: https://www.retrospect.com/kb/macos_full_disk_accessss I am mounting with SMB, with Retrospect doing the mounting (I created a separate user on the Synology for retrospect with access to the share it needs to mount). The backup appears to be working. So the only issue here is the error so I have to check each time to see if it was just that error or a real error. Any idea how to work around this? FWIW, I don't have AFP enabled on the Synology, so both the backup and any users are using SMB to connect. Thanks, Alex
  3. Thanks all for the pointers! I will go back to my rules and add / to the end of my paths - point taken. Very interesting on the "is like". I would like to see Retrospect improve the documentation to explain this rule and that it is the only way you can use a wildcard. I tried a few things here. One, I said I could not get it to use my own rule as the saved rule. I have tested again, and that is now working. Not sure what I did before, but I can include as a single rule and it works in my test backup (see first image). I still am not getting multiples to work - when I do this (see second image), the Downloads folder now gets backed up, telling me the 2nd rule is not being applied (see third image for 2nd rule). As I said, I'm running ok right now, just would like to know how this should work. Thanks, Alex
  4. I am "new" to Retrospect, having not used it for many, many years. Burned recently by Time Machine. I'm using Retrospect Desktop 17.5.2 on macOS Catalina. Some things are like riding a bike, some are not. One place I'm struggling is getting rules working for me. I would like to not have Retrospect back up some downloaded items like /Users/*/Library/Calendars and /Users/*/Library/Mail. I initially attempted the wildcard (supported on Windows?!) but does not appear to work on Mac. Then I tried creating a rule that had the All conditions with a sub (took me a while to figure out the option key magically let me do this - a note for improved documentation) - so Mac Path contains /Users and Mac Path contains /Library/Mail. Those work in a rule fine. But if I attempt to define them in a separate rule and then include them in a subsequent rule ("Saved Rule includes"), I can't get that to work. I can include the exclude Caches rule that comes with Retrospect, but if I attempt to include one of my own rules, it does not work. I am copying-pasting the name to be sure of no typos. First, am I correct that you can't use * or ? in Mac rules? Second, if I want to define an exclusion, and then include it in another rule, what's the way to do that? For now, it's working, with a big rule with all my exclusions, but I'd to know how to solve this. I know other people have complained about this but I remember Retrospect had a way you could preview rules - missing that. For now, I'm doing little test backups and seeing what ends up in the backup. And I see what others were complaining about the confusion that excluded folders may still get backed up, but they are empty. Thanks - Alex
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