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  1. 1 minute ago, DavidHertzberg said:


    I'm sorry that I gave you the wrong Retrospect operation in my up-thread post. 

    However, when I started thinking about your latest post this afternoon, my suspicions were belatedly aroused.  You may in fact be what you said you are in the OP:  the descendant of a Retrospect-using family.  OTOH you may have illegitimately acquired someone's backup drive, and be trying to restore it for illegal purposes.  Please phone the head of Retrospect North America Sales at (925) 231-1313, so he can have the head of Tech Support cross-check your 24 August Forums registration with a prior Retrospect application restriction.

    If the RDB data on your backup HDD is encrypted, you won't be eventually be able to do a Restore.  My backup HDDs aren't encrypted, because they're either in my apartment—behind a door with 2 locks—or in my bank safe deposit box.  Maybe I should think about encryption.

    Honestly thanks for your help. But that accusation is offensive and ridiculous 

  2. 4 hours ago, DavidHertzberg said:


    I'll assume that your family's computer—as opposed to their HDD—is lost or inoperable.  You haven't said whether your family used a Macintosh or a Windows computer,, nor have you estimated how old it was, nor have you said whether you accessed the HDD containing the RDB files on a Macintosh or a Windows computer.  But—since you've posted in the Forum for Retrospect Macintosh versions since 2011—I'll further assume the answers to the questions in my preceding sentence are Macintosh, no more than 9 years old, and Macintosh.  But the answers to the first and last questions could just as well be Windows and Windows.

    Based on that, what you need to do is install the Retrospect "backup server" application on your own computer, Rebuild a Catalog File on it from the RDB files, and use the Catalog File to Restore the files onto another drive—possibly a USB thumb drive if the total size of the restored files is small enough.  I suggest you phone Retrospect Sales at (888) 376-1078 option 2, and ask about whether you can do this with the Retrospect Solo Edition—which I've never used (I have the Desktop Edition because I backup "client" computers as well).  If the Sales person says yes, ask if Solo Edition comes with 30 days of free Technical Support for the US$39.  If he says no, cagily ask about more expensive Editions—which come with a 45-day free trial that may be all you need.

    You may not need the Tech Support, because there are video tutorials here for Retrospect Mac, and here for Retrospect Windows.  The tutorial for Restore using Retrospect Mac is under the "Legacy" heading, and the tutorial for Rebuild is under "Tools", because nobody in Product Management got the over-worked head of Retrospect Tech Support—who makes the best videos at Retrospect "Inc."—to make more recent ones.  No matter; the GUI for Retrospect Mac basic operations hasn't changed since Retrospect Mac 9.

    You probably want to just Restore the files and folders for Users, or the Windows equivalent, because the applications on your family's computer may not still run on your computer.  However you should be able to find applications that will open the restored files on your computer, given that the "lots of memories" are probably in formats that newer applications can still read.

    Good luck! 😀

    Thanks so much for your help, However when I press rebuild it isnt accepting my RDB files. In fact it seems to want the RBC files for this. Which I do not have


    When i rebuild from the RDB file it says Empty Catalogue file or not a Catalogue file.... But its not a catalogue file, its a rdb and im trying to rebuild the catalogue file

  3. My family had used retrospect a while ago and stored the RDB files on a hard drive.

    I now have these files and want to access them. They are too old to know what to do with them and I have never used retrospect before. But I can assume theres lots of memories in them.

    I have tried to access them. But I dont know what I can do with just RDB files.

    Anyone able to help?

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